ESPN trying to drum up controversy... badly.

[editor's note, by River City Rage] Marked Hoosier was kind enough to post this. I wasn't sure how I wanted to address this issue, so I'll run with this. I'm very much upset at the whole "disrespect" angle that the Media and the New England fanbase has taken all season, and now that their "wrath" is pointed toward the Jaguars, it's inevitable that they find something to complain about. In effect, the "disrespect" issue is something that's artifically made by the traditional media to sell to fans. Getting insane about "respect" is to fall in the hands of media conglomorates. Grow up. Think for yourself. The New England Patriots don't need bulletin board material in order to win, they need Tom Brady, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel, etc.

I'll quote the suddenly asteriked Vic Ketchman on this one:

What does it matter? It has no effect on the game. They're just words. All last week, I kept hearing about bulletin board material in Pittsburgh and in Jacksonville. What effect did it have on the game? None. It was essentially the same game I saw three weeks earlier. The sporting public has become way too concerned about what is said. If it wasn't as concerned, you wouldn't see the media dedicate as much attention to it, for the obvious reason. The media will give you whatever you want because your eyes and your ears represent sales. Don't be used as a tool by the media. If the war of words bothers you, then ignore it. It means nothing. How players perform is all that matters and if their performances can be influenced one way or another by what is said, you've got the wrong players.

And This:

(q)A website has a link to your rankings, where you note (via asterisk) that the Patriots "cheated in one game." They speculate that this may become bulletin board material for them. Your thoughts?

Vic: So the Patriots are gonna get motivation from the words of a man who drives a Nissan Sentra that has 94,000 miles on it and a CD changer that's stuck. What can I say? The truth is the pure defense.

Thanks Hoosier for posting this


WTF with this talk about Paul Spicer?  If you haven't heard (which means you don't watch or listen to any sports news...):

If the undefeated Patriots need bulletin board material for their playoff game Saturday night against the Jaguars, they have it now.

If Jacksonville defensive lineman Paul Spicer had his way, the Patriots wouldn't have even qualified for the playoffs because of the Spygate scandal.

"Do like the NCAA and kick them out of the playoffs or something," Spicer told The Associated Press after news of the scandal broke. "Put them on probation; they can't go to no playoff games. Roger Goodell has definitely enforced some new rules. He's been hard on players. Now let's see how hard he's going to be with a team."

Did you catch the bolded part?  His made the comments MONTHS AGO!  Trying to make a controversy from nothing, they asked him to comment.

"I don't regret saying what I said. I'm a man of my word. I always speak my mind and that's what I felt at that time," Spicer said.

I know that the annoying sports writers have tried every week to come up with some sort of "disrespect" card for the Pats, but come on!  They just had a 3 minute report on ESPN where all they did was ask Pat players what they thought about Spicer's bad eeevvviiiilll comments!  This is the best they can do?  Dig for months old comments to try to drum up outrage?  

Just when you thought ESPN couldn't go lower, they get a shovel.

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