At the halfway point it's been a season of "what ifs" for the Jaguars

Through 8 games with 8 games to play, every game in the Jaguar season has been decided by a touchdown or less. Granted, some have been uglier and some have looked halfway decent, none the less, every game has been close. All these close games have created tons of "what ifs" for the 3-5 team. At this point in time, it could easily be argued that the Jaguars could be 8-0 or 0-8.

8-0 What Ifs:

Week 1 @ Tennessee:

What if Garrard hadn't fumbled on a hit from Vanden Bosch

What if Garrard hadn't thrown two interceptions to Finneran

What if Scobee made his first field goal of the season instead of kicking it right over the upright.

What if Young hadn't hurt himself and kept the Titans down

And most of all, what if Gregg Williams didn't call for a stupid blitz

Week 2 vs. Buffalo

What if Garrard wasn't intercepted in the endzone by McGee

What if the secondary actually covered Lee Evans with 4 minutes to go

What if the Jaguars decided to run the ball with 4 minutes to go instead of incomplete, incomplete, sack, punt

Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh

What if Will James didn't play

What if Ben Roethlisberger didn't make the throw with players on his back and was sacked instead

What if David Garrard's pass wasn't tipped and they drove the field to win

Week 8 vs. Cleveland

What if Groves stayed onside and Mathis got the interception

What if Witherspoon hadn't fumbled on the late game return

What if Scobee's kick wasn't blocked

What if Matt Jones CAUGHT THE BALL

Week 9 @ Cincinnati

What if Mathis didn't drop the interception

What if Mathis stopped one of the Chad Johnson touchdowns

What if Brian Williams didn't drop the interception

What if the Jaguars converted the 2 point conversion


0-8 What Ifs:

Week 3 @ Indianapolis

What if Manning didn't throw 2 interceptions

What if Manning and Harrison made the big plays like the past

What if Montell Owens didn't catch the tipped ball

What if Scobee didn't make the game winner

Week 4 vs. Houston

What if the fake punt with Montell Owens didn't work

What if the coin toss didn't go in the Jaguars favor

What if Scobee didn't make the game winner

Week 6 @ Denver

What if Cutler didn't fumble the ball right back after the Fred Taylor fumble

What if Brandon Marshall didn't fumble in the red zone

What if Fred Taylor didn't get the first down, allowing the Jaguars to run out the clock


Every single one of these games could've easily been decided either way and Jaguar fans can't help, but think what the season could be.

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