Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans: Final Game Preview

Houston Texans (4-7) GAME #12 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7)
Date: December, 1st 2008 Location: Houston Texas
Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Stadium: Reliant Stadium
Favorite: Jaguars +3
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 48.5
High 63, Clear
Injury Report:
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SBN Coverage: Battle Red Blog Coverage Map
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Final Score:

Houston Texans - ?? :: Jacksonville Jaguars - ??

Keep On Fighting:

The 2008 Jacksonville Jaguars are finished for the season. This Monday night game is all about the 2009 squad and the players that will join the reinvention of the franchise. Any player worth keeping will recognize the importance of building as much positive tape as possible, especially considering the heat that will be on this team to quickly build off the remains of this season. Jack Del Rio will be squarely on the "hot seat" in 09, he's got no reason to keep anyone who will keep him from keeping Wayne Weaver happy.

That said, this is still a divisional game, one where Houston would love to embarrass the Jaguars in front of the world and seize the AFC South "Third Place" title. It's "Battle Red Day", which means the Texans will be all Jacked up and ready to play.  There's simply too much pride and ego at stake on Monday Night for the Jaguars to do anything other than come out fighting.

Injuries and Etc.

No major injuries on the Jaguars to report.  David Garrard is probable with a back injury.  That injury might have something to do with how often David is hit and ends the play on the ground, something that the Houston Texans can't get away with.  Rashean Mathis and Dennis Northcut are probable as well, with Troy Williamson the only questionable injury.

Houston's injury mystery is over Quarterback Matt Schaub who could return to the field after missing most of the season. 

One Matchup to Watch:

DE Derrick Harvey versus LT Duane Brown: Can Derrick Harvey beat a rookie?  A rookie that was probably drafted a round too high?  If he can't get some pressure against Brown, then there's probably something wrong with Harvey.   It's just that simple.


I'll be back later today.  I've been traveling all week and have to go catch a flight as I write this. 


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