The Cancers, the Weaknesses and the Rays of Hope...

The title speaks for itself so let's begin...

The Cancers
When Del Rio had to put a nix on loud music and dice rolling in the locker room, that should have been a major alert to what's going on with the Jaguars. Does that sound like an environment for professional success? Or more like a back alley in Springfield? The answer is obvious. And yes, these men should be treated like men, but their professional obligation is undeniable. So, from an objective fan stanpoint, here's a list of our pros, who are acting like punks. And they must be removed...

Mike Peterson: He is the #1 culprit for creating an air of awkwardness midseason. Challenging the front office in the thick of your schedule is just unprofessional and selfish. His comments may have started the ball rolling downhill. Plus, his position is high impact and high energy. High age doesn't mix well with that formula.
Brian Williams: He sure has tried hard for the Jaguars. But he repeatedly performs like a child on the field: late hits, hands to the face, shoves out of bounds, mistackles. Something tells me, besides his criminal history, that this dude is part of the bad mix to which Fred Taylor makes reference.
Khalif Barnes: If three false starts per game weren't bad enough, this guy has problems keeping his car on the road and problems telling the truth about it. He is a shining example as to why the Jaguars must return 'character' as part of their scouting evaluations (Shack Harris is obviously oblivious to this notion.)
Paul Spicer: Put him right there with Mike Peterson, except this no-name defensive end actually got his big paycheck. Has he made any play of impact this season?

Honorable Cancerous Mention: While this sounds unbelievable, it is possible that John Henderson is adding a negative element to the locker room. He is a central figure on the defense but we have heard very little from him this season. Is he complacent? Does he has a rift with Del Rio? Neither of these questions have been directly addressed, but this usual noise-maker/leader has been very silent this year. Is he willing to fish for big bucks and just waiting for a contract to run out?

The Weaknesses
Oh how Weaver tried to turn green into wins. His gusto is applaudable. However, this team just ain't cutting the mustard. Besides cancerous growths, the Jaguars are also weighed down by players who don't play the game with enough power, speed and desire. Such are the following...

Tony Pashos: Try as he might, this monolith of manhood is slower than sludge, and Mario Williams showed us just that. Constructing a stiff wall might look good on paper, but in reality that wall is better off if it can shift and divert according to the actions of opposing defensive linemen.
Drayton Florence: Middle aged women could get open against this guy. And they probably do anyhow. Rather than a testament of success, Drayton has illustrated that our scouting team and front office are not excelling at evaluating talent.
Reggie Nelson: Don't cry Gator fans. This young man struggles big time against quality passing regimes. He is frequently non-existing with assistance on deep routes and has earned a reputation as a soft-tackler. Just listen to an interview with Reggie. I have had better conservations with my cat, or even a sheet of blank paper. Seriously, at some point lack of intelligence will manifest itself on the field, and this player brings that weakness to life for the Jaguars. Especially at his position, which requires analysis and strategy, along with speed and relentless aggression.

Honorable Weakness Mention: This one goes out to the man who makes catching a football look like winning the lottery. And that is Marcedes Lewis. Sure he made a grass-grazing grab against the Texans, but this first-round waste (thanks again Mr. Harris!) has routinely made catching the football seem like a daunting task. If you don't believe this to be true, simply watch a full Sunday of NFL football and see how so many tight ends effortlessly receive passes and advance the chains for their teams. However, Marcedes has been coveted as a blocker so he only gets honorable mention here. But, just barely...

To turn this sour flavor into a tasty treat...look later this week as I provide...the Rays of Hope...more imporant now than ever.

But as always, screw it. The Jags are our team and we love them. Go JAGS!!

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