Better Know the Jacksonville Jaguars: Defensive Tackle Theo Horrocks




[Note by River City Rage, 06/03/08 1:04 AM PDT ] Clodknocker was kind enough to do an interview with one of my favorite Defensive Tackle Prospects in Theo Horrocks.  Theo, in my opinion, is playing for a spot on the practice squad, unless there is a major shakeup on the defensive line.  There are only 53 roster spots, and to add guys like Horrocks could mean a serious deficiency elsewhere.  Regardless, he's a serious prospect and someone the Jaguars should develop! 


Better Know a Player: Theo Horrocks!

Theo attended Lincoln High in Fayetteville, Tennessee, a small town south of Nashville. Both he and fellow defensive tackle, Lamar Divens, were signed by Vanderbilt. Lamar later transferred to Tenn. State and is now an undrafted free agent  with the San Diego Chargers.

As a true freshman, Theo played in nine games while starting in two. In his sophomore year, he played in 10 games and led the Commodore's defensive tackles with 15 solo tackles. While starting every game as a junior, he set single-season career highs in virtually every defensive statistical category with 31 solo tackles and 49 total tackles.

Theo says he is pleased with the way things are going at his first OTA's, considering that he is trying to fill the jersey worn by Marcus Stroud: #99. A veteran player told him that he had better  "bring his lunch pail" every day , if he expected to play at the level that Marcus played. 

He gives Jimmy Kennedy credit for being the most helpful veteran player. Jimmy is also a defensive tackle who was the 2003 first-round choice of the St Louis Rams. By showing an unselfish attitude Jimmy could be helping the very player that might replace him on the final roster. However, that is what teamwork is all about .

Theo tells me that there are at least three reasons he chose the Jaguars. First; his agent researched his options and recommended the Jaguars. Second; the Jaguars kept in touch with him during the draft, especially  during the 7th round, and even though they didn't draft, they let him know that they still wanted him and told that he was the only defensive tackle they were bringing in. Third; Jack Del Rio has been a player and is a player's coach. How does he feel about his chances? He feels quite well. He is looking forward to putting on the pads and getting into Training Camp and letting the Pre-season begin.

College Stats:


Tackles TFL Sacks INT FF/FR
2007      18-21-39
    6.0-16    2.0-10
     0-0        0/1


31-18-49 6.0-35 5.0-34 0-0 4-1
2005 15-6-21 2.0-2 1.0-1 0-0 0-0
2004 13-6-19 1.0-3 0.0-0 0-0 0-0
Career 59-30-89 9.0-40 6.0-35 0-0 4-1

[Note by River City Rage, 06/03/08 1:09 AM PDT ]: Again, a big thanks to Clodknocker for setting this up.  Horrocks is in an interesting place on the roster as there's certainly a place for a developing prospect, but considering the contracts ahead of him, the practice squad seems to be a best case situation for the guy.  Still, watch him this weekend as we get into minicamp.  As mentioned above, he's wearing #99, so you can't miss him.



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