Matt Jones arrested for Cocaine:: The end of an era.


[Note by River City Rage, 07/10/08 11:50 AM EDT ] UPDATE: 1010XL had an amusing comment: "Matt Jones was caught cutting cocaine with one hand". Zing. In actual news, Jones was in possession of one-eighth of a ounce of Cocaine, or an 8-ball as it is commonly known.  It's hard to speculate on the intent, but that is a fairly substantial amount.  I restate my earlier point, Matt Jones is done. (Edit, ounce not gram)

I rushed to my computer this morning looking for news about Wayne Weaver and the future of the Jaguars.  As I anxiously awaited the RSS reader to fill up, I noticed something different in my "Jacksonville Jaguars" folder.  Matt Jones, arrested, involved with Cocaine.

From the : Florida Times-Union

The arrest report said that three Fayetteville officers were walking toward an unlit parking lot about 12:30 a.m. when they spotted a white Toyota 4Runner parked with several people inside. The area is known for thefts and drug use, the report said.

One of the officers walked up to the passenger side rear door and saw Jones sitting inside. The report said he had in his lap a white card with a white powder and in his had a credit card that he was using to chop up and scrape the powder.

The officer opened the door, identified himself and ordered Jones to put his hands in plain view. Jones did not initially comply and the officer pulled out his gun, keeping it at the "low ready," the report said. Jones was ordered out of the vehicle and complied.

Matt Jones, as far as I am concerned, as helped clear up the muddled mess with the wide receivers.  This finally gives the Jagaurs an excuse to release Matt Jones without worry of him emerging somewhere else as he's now connected to hard drugs and an arrest, something the Jaguars will have no business with.  The Matt Jones era in Jacksonville must come to an end it and it must happen quickly.  Giving him another chance, to matter how freakish the talent, is not worth taking the risk of penalities and damaging the already fragile relationship the Jaguars have in the public eye.

Last night I talked about how I hate covering relocation issues.  There is one thing I dislike more, that's players being arrested while being stupid.


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