Points and Tidbits

(I wrote this before Harvey was signed, so excuse my issues at DE)

1. I think Rob Mieir is getting pushed around a little too much by guards on running plays. However he still looks like a good 3 technique, and can possibly see a lot of time at D end on obvious run downs if either Spicer (who played more games last than he has in a long long time) or Hayward miss time.

2. Vince Manuwai is having some real problems pass blocking. I see why the coaching staff tried to move him to RG. Players like Jason Jones are going to tear him apart.

3. Khalif Barnes looks like he can be better than he is playing. In fact, I think he is playing well below his potential.

4. Richard Collier is a good back up swing tackle, but he should not start at LT unless he decides to lose more weight.. His feet are too slow for speed rushers like Freeney and Mathis etc…

5. Our O-line pass blocking problems will be greatly helped when we start to run the ball in the regular season. Don’t underestimate the power of a running team’s play action.

6. Mike Walker is going to be a beast in the years to come.

7. Matt Jones while unspectacular looks to be reliable. If he is reliable long enough he may finally get to show his talents.

8. Meester’s injury will hurt, but Norman is reliable and smart as he was a walk on Princeton student who graduated with a degree in computer science engineering.

9. Who’s the third TE? Davis, Angulo, or Brown? This is the assumption that Estandia is the second TE.

10. What ever happened to Tommy Blake? As bad as our situation is, I think he could help. I know about the mental problems. Maybe he could be a PS guy while we see if he can handle the pressures of being in the NFL.

11. Lemon is a better qb than he has looked. Don't you think Garrard is?

12. I think Woods is at least a prospect for the practice squad. He's the type of reciever Garrard is used to. He's been good after the catch, which is crucial to the short pass offense.

13. Groves will be a good end on the weak side. Try not to have him out there on 2 TE sets. Those are usually running formations anyhow. And he can be protected from motioning TE's with X stunts allowing someone like Big John to take the double team. Groves needs to play with his head on a swivel, because he doesn’t play low nor does he have the weight to keep his lateral integrity.

14. Even though Jimmy Kennedy is a DT he could benefit from losing about 20 lbs of upper body weight, currently making him top heavy. Watch how often he lands on his belly trying to bust through the line. He's  not a 2 gapper, despite his size. He doesn't have the leg bulk or power to move piles. I’ve noticed he has been busting his a$$, even making tackles down field. I tell you what, he’s got speed for a big guy. Let him play his game as an inside speed rusher.

14. Bruce looks like he could be a good pass rusher if he had time to develop his body more in the weight room. He looks like he has a weak core, but he has a pretty mean spin move.

15. Sensy looks better than B. Williams at SS. And Starks when he was healthy looked like the better NB. I think B Will has a classic case of being a tweener with less athleticism than everyone else. Brian is still a very good and aggressive player, with lots of talent himself. I don't know if I was seeing things but he looked he played some FS with Sensy at SS, or vice versa. It appeared we were still in our normal 4-3 alignment, but I couldn't see the CB's. But I thought it was interesting alignment none the less.

16. Can Witherspoon run through a wedge on KR? He always runs outside. Teams will catch on to this. I wonder if he could be effective on offense, with end-arounds; and maybe even to give defenses a threat that our offense will stretch the field. He probably can’t catch, but his speed is still scary.


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