Super Bowl XLIII Preview/Game Thread

Pittsburgh Steelers


Arizona Cardnials

Date: February 1st 2009 Location: Tampa, Florida
Time: 6:00 pm EST
Stadium: Raymond James
Favorite: Steelers - 7
Radio: Westwood One
Over/Under: 48.5
Partly Cloudy, Low 60's/High 50s Injury Report:

SBN Coverage:

Behind The Steel Curtain (Steelers)

Revenge of the Birds (Cardinals)

Coverage Map
Final Score:

Pittsburgh Steelers - ?? :: Arizona Cardinals - ??

It's Super Bowl time BCC!! My track record is about on par with Nostradamus, with my pick of a Jacksonville-Dallas Super Bowl. The Steelers are going for a NFL record 6th Super Bowl, while the Cardinals are in their first championship game since current owner Bill Bidwell was a ball boy. Keep all of your Super Bowl thoughts here.

What to Watch For:

It's simple really, Ben Roethlisberger vs Kurt Warner. This is a classic matchup of two teams that live and die with their QBs. Perhaps it might be a better statement to say, the Cardinals have lived on Kurt Warner getting the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. The main thing however, is how Arizona reacts to a truly physical team. The only team they've played in the playoffs that had a real smash mouth mentality was Carolina, and for some reason they decided to air it out with Jake Delhomme.

Player on the Hot Seat:

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona

He's having the best postseason ever for a WR since this guy named Jerry Rice was catching passes from Joe Montana. He'll have to keep that up, both to keep Pittsburgh from teeing off on Kurt Warner, and making sure they can't stack the box.


Pittsburgh 27

Arizona 17

As I said, the only smash mouth team the Cardinals played was Carolina, and I'm of the opinion the Panthers lost that game more than Arizona won it. Roethlisberger shines in big games, and I think he atones for his bad performance in Super Bowl XL.


Also a quick note to Madden fans, it's been confirmed the first footage of Madden 2010 will be shown at some point during the game as well as a "Major announcement." If people with "Credible" sources are to be believed, the game will launch exclusively for the Xbox 360 for the first month it's out before making it's way to the PS3, PS2, Wii, and just about anything that has a processor and input device.

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