It Can't Get Much Uglier Than That

Well, we were totally emasculated today.  To say that this was one of the worse TEAM performances in our history, is an understatement.  There isn't much more to say than 41 - nill other than the score WAS closer than the game was.

I won't spend much time on the D.  We knew that they were not very good coming into this season - it's been confirmed.  And I'm just about ready to officially declare the 2008 draft class as busts.  Once again, no pass rush except for a couple of plays.  Otherwise a totally banged up Seattle O line gave great protection for a banged up QB who was allowed to get comfortable and then got hot.  Hasselbeck killed us.  This will have to be addressed  via next year's draft and FA.  Altough we have some young players to build with, clearly, new personnel is needed.  Some say that stats lie - NOT IN THIS CASE.  Our defensive statistical rankings are very reflective to what we're seeing on the field.

Our O line was completely dominated today, especially the interior line.  Monroe got schooled again and had  some poor efforts as well. You have to give the O line a solid F with no running game and no pass protection.

David Garrard had one of his worse games as he was directly responsible for 2 turnovers and 14 points.  He continues to be inconsistent and holds the ball to long - hence the 2 turnovers and 14 points.  This offense is only as good as the QB and when he's off, we're not going anywhere.  David is in serious need of good coaching - he's got to get the ball out quicker.  His total lack of awareness in this regard, is especially noticable on 3 step drops.  The ball simply has to be fired out of there, even it's out of bounds.  This total lack of awareness is unexceptable in a QB at any level, much less the NFL.


Finally coaching - just as we were praising the play calling last week, the opposite is true this week.  The coaches had no answers, although with the total lack of execution, it probably would not have mattered.  Once again we see the inconsistent, week to week performances which has been a hallmark of JDR coached teams during his 7 years. Seattle was completely dialed into everything the Jags tried on both sides of the ball.  That reflects extremely well on their coaching staff and team leadership.  Jags personnel take note - our coaching and team leadership just got pile driven into China.

This just in - the jags got flagged again for another stupid penalty.

Burn the tape and move onto next week.  We host the Rams and they're god awful.  Hopefully, we'll come out with at least a token effort because we sure didn't see it this week.

Go Jags!

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