Where the Rookies stand

After 7 weeks of football including a bye week for the Jaguars lets see where the Jaguars rookies stand after 6 games played.

1st Round Pick: - Eugene Monroe (LT)

  • Games Played: 5
  • Games Started: 4 (Ranks 5th among Rookie OT's)
  • Sacks Allowed: 4 (Ranks 1st among Rookie OT's)

Analysis: Overall compared to the other OT's selected in the 1st round Monroe has been middle of the road. Monroe has allowed 4 sacks, while Oher and J. Smith have only allowed 2 sacks apiece (A. Smith has yet to play a game). Monroe has shinned at times but also shown some weakness which is typical of a rookie OT. Oher has easily been the best OT selection so far but J. Smith and E. Monroe have also been effective at times and shown their value. Monroe has 4 starts already to J. Smith's 2 so we may see Monroe grow a lot faster due to the fact that he is getting more time on the field.


2nd Round Pick: Eben Britton (RT)

  • Games Played: 5
  • Games Started: 5 (Ranks 4th among Rookie OT's)
  • Sacks Allowed: 3  (Ranks Tied for 2nd among Rookie OT's)

Analysis: Britton, like Monroe, was thrown into the starting job on Day 1. The combination of Monroe and Britton have allowed 7 sacks between them and they rank 1st and 2nd in sacks allowed, not a catagory we want them to be leading. Britton though, like Monroe, have started most of the Jaguars games this season and have faced some tough DL in there first few games such as Dwight Freeny and Mario Williams. Britton has also started a lot of games and the hope is that like Monroe he will start to gain more and more experience and settle down. Overall though the Jaguars two rookie OT's have allowed more sacks then desirable but there has been improvement.

3rd Round Pick: Terrance Knighton (DT)

  • Games Played: 6
  • Total Tackles: 11 (Ranked 30th among Rookies)
  • Solo: 8 / Assists: 3
  • Sacks: 0  (Ranked Tied for Last among Rookies)

Analysis: Knighton's statistics are deceiving because his play has been a lot better then his rankings show. Knighton has come in and been able to help the Jaguars defense line play a lot better then most thought they would. Though the Jaguars rank 20th in Rush Defense, everyone who watches Knighton play knows that he has shown great potential and will be a fixture on the line for years to come.


3rd Round Pick: Derek Cox (CB)

  • Games Played: 6
  • Games Started: 6
  • Tackles: 34 (28 / 6) (Ranks 5th among Rookies)
  • Interceptions: 2 (Ranks Tied 2nd among Rookies)
  • Fumble Recovery: 1

Analysis: Derek Cox has been under pressure since the moment he was draft. So far my opinion of Cox is that he has shown he has great potential which can be seen by his 2 interceptions and flashes of athleticism but at the same time he is a weakness in our pass defense. The reason for a majority of tackles is due to the fact that he is often tackling receivers who have just caught a pass around him. He has often been exploited by opposing QBs which can been seen in our disastrous Pass Defense rankings. Overall though Cox has shown great potential and hopefully with some more exposure he will be able to fix his problems and become the star CB that we all hope he will be.  


4th Round Pick: Mike Thomas (WR)

  • Receptions: 14 (Ranks 12th among Rookies)
  • Receiving Yards: 121 (Ranks 15th among Rookies)
  • Kick Return Yards: 188 (Ranks 8th among Rookies)

Analysis: There is no denying that Mike Thomas has been a spark on offense for the Jaguars. With the emergence of Sims-Walker, Thomas has fallen perfectly into our #3 receiving spot over the last few weeks and is slowly getting more and more comfortable as seen by his receptions and yards which continue to climb each week. Thomas also offers the Jaguars the ability to run reverses which open up the middle for MJD. Overall Thomas' statistics led many to believe that he is an average rookie receiver but since missing the first two games, he has be one of the primary reasons for the great play by the Jaguars receivers over the last few weeks.

5th Round Pick: Jarett Dillard (WR)

  • Receptions: 3 (Tied for 27th among Rookies)
  • Receiving Yards: 43 (23rd among Rookies)

Analysis: Jarett Dillard is clearly a ways behind his fellow rookie receiver Thomas. Dillard has rarely played and when he does it is normally with the second team. Dillard still has a lot of upside and hopefully as the season goes along he can find a solid role for himself but with Holt, MSW, and Thomas playing well he is unfortunately on the bench for the time being.

6th Round Pick: Zach Miller (TE)

  • Receptions: 5 (Tied for 20th among Rookies)
  • Receiving Yards: 30 (Tied for 28th among Rookies)

Analysis: Like Dillard, Miller seems to be trying to work his way to get more touches. Miller averages only about a reception a game which is not bad considering he was a 6th round pick. Miller is a long term project for sure but from the little we have seen so far he might work out just great for a late round pick.

7th Round Pick: Rashard Jennings

  • Rushing Attempts: 15 (Ranks 9th among Rookies)
  • Rushing Yards: 60 (Ranks 8th among Rookies)
  • Average Yards per Carry: 4.0

Analysis: Jennings, along with Cox, easily had a lot of expectations of him when he entered this season. Though he was only a 7th round pick, many analysts and all of us here at BCC thought he might be one of best 7th round steals ever. Jennings was able to beat out Washington for the #2 RB spot and in the small windows we have seen him (namely the Tennessee and Seahawks games) he has done well for himself. He obviously has a lot of room from improvement but he has a lot of time to grow behind MJD and will hopefully get more touches this season.



Personally I am overall happy with the most of our rookies so far this season. The fact that we have so many rookies contributing in some form or another is impressive. Obviously we want improvement from all of them for they all have their weaknesses but because they are getting so much exposure so quickly hopefully they will be able to continue to grow and become one of the best draft classes in Jaguars history.


- Kterr

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