Looking Ahead: Weeks 5 - 8

Now I normally try not to look ahead into the future because a lot of things can happen between now and then...but looking at the NFL schedule for the next few weeks makes me really optimistic about where the Jaguars could be by Week 8.

Jaguars Schedule: @Seattle, St. Louis, Bye, @ Tennessee

The Jaguars have probably one of, if the most, favorable schedules over the next four weeks. The combined win total of all three teams is currently only one game. If Jacksonville can sidestep any major upsets in the next two weeks, the Jaguars could go into their bye week 4 - 2. Even though our torching of the Titans is fresh in everyones mind, I would expect the Titans to be a lot more prepared the next time we play them in Week 8. The fact that we have a Bye week before we play them again is perfect because it gives our team a week to recover and plan out how we are going to take down the Titans again. All things considered the Jaguars could be 5 - 2 after Week 8, which considering this is a "rebuilding" year, that would be impressive. Where would a 5 - 2 start put us in the division though?

Colts: @Tennessee, Bye, @St. Louis, 49ers

The Colts have been playing lights out since our close 14 - 12 game on opening day. With Tennessee demoralized and a bye week to prepare for the lowly Rams, I would expect them to be 6 - 0 by Week 7. The enigma is the 49ers game though considering their fast start. Though the Colts are most likely to be favored, it is a losable game for them and if they underestimate the 49ers strength then the Colts could be 6 - 1 and not 7 - 0.

Texans: @Arizona, @Bengals, 49ers, @Buffalo

The Texans have long next four weeks, with 3 of their 4 games on the road...and on  different sides of the country. In my mind next weeks game against the Cardinals is a toss up. It all depends which Cardinals team shows up to play but considering the Texans defensive problems (as in it doesnt exist) this will probably end up in a shoot out between Shaub and Warner. I see the Cardinals winning by purely having more offensive weapons and because they have some resembelence of a defense. The Bengals are a beatable team and their high win total is deceptive, they are not as good as their record indicates (see almost losing to the Browns), Texans win this one. The 49ers should have no problem winning the Week 7 match up if their defense plays like they did yesterday. Finally based on the fact that Buffalo will probably still only have one win entering Week 8 and will also probably have a new head coach, Texans should beat the Bills.

Titans: Colts, @New England, Bye, Jacksonville

Based on their upcoming schedule, the Titans might be the first team to go 0 - 7 after going 10 - 0 their previous season. The Titans have a monster of a schedule with the Colts and New England in the next two weeks. Based on how quickly they gave up against the Jaguars yesterday, I can't see them even being close in the next two games. With a bye week, they can recover and get their mindset back but if Jacksonville wins their next two games, then when they meet in Week 8, Jacksonville is going to have the momentum especially after yesterdays thrashing. The future does not look good for Tennesse. 

Projected Standings after Week 8(AFC South):

Colts : 7 - 0

Jaguars: 5 - 2

Texans: 4 - 4

Titans:  0 - 7

Any thoughts on these projections?

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