Random thoughts

I think we just got another glimpse of the Emperor's powers. Apparently he can see the future. Gene Smith must have known that Fred Taylor was going to get hurt.

BTW, that was intended as a joke, and I hope Freddy T comes back sometime this season.(Even if it's just to play against us.)

As for a rookie/veteran controversy at the tackle position, I think we ought to keep in mind a couple of things:

One, the Tra Thomas we saw in the game was not the Tra Thomas we saw in the preseason. Tra was workmen-like during the preseason, but he didn't offer the upside that Eugene does. Tra held his blocks for about 3.7 seconds, but after that it's everyman for himself during the preseason. There was no mauling. There was no pancakes or knockdowns.

Second, we should keep in mind who the competition was. Monroe faced one of the roughest stretches any LT will usually ever face. Mario Williams? Calais Campbell? And probably worst of all, Dwight Freeney. And by the time Monroe faced Mario, he got pretty darn good. On the other hand, as I stated before the game, Kyle Vanden Bosch wasn't playing like himself.

Third, for all those that thought Tra should have been starting all along; Tra was hurt. In fact he was on the injury report this week, and he didn't even finish the Titans game. I believe Jordan Black did.

As for Britton, I think it's even more black and white there. He actually performed well against Robert Mathis, not giving up a sack to a guy that's produced 4.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in the 3 games since.

Britton reason number two: Like Tra, Mo was playing an over the hill player in Javon Kearse. So it was easier to protect Garrard.

Third, playing Mo at RT meant not playing our best 5. The reason I say that is, Mo moving to RT meant we were weaker at the RG position. Now don't get me wrong, I really like Uche and I believe he has upside especially in the run game. But while he's still young and learning he's a little too mistake prone.

While I'm on the subject of the offensive line I have to give some props to Vince Manuwai. He was highly regarded by Vic as a great run blocker, but I was a little hard on him. And I still don't think he's that great a run blocker, and probably still not as powerful as Uche; but he has shown a new strength in pass blocking this year after his weight loss. You can really see his OT background.

I would like to give a new update about Meester, but he's just business as usual; which I guess is a good thing. If he's still around next year, he could be one of the best centers in the league left, and probably one of the most heady. Mawae is way over the hill now, and Saturday may not be back next year. Birk is playing lights out still and probably should be a probowler, although Mangold could be another good option.

Just thinking about this team's roster...Boy its going to be hard to have another draft as impactful as this years. And anyone we have to cut to add the new players is going to make me sad. We don't have a Jerry Porter that's easy to hate. On the other hand, we don't have a lot of Jerry Porters that will hurt us to cut do to the dead money they will leave us.

As for this week's breakout players: I think anyone that's good at breaking out of tackles will have a big day. The Seahawks are not exactly great tacklers.

David Garrard has more TD's, fewer INTS, and more yards per attempt than Tom Brady.

Last thought, the world is going to end. Brian Baldinger actually picked the Jaguars to win this week on NFL Playbook!!! Speaking of Playbook, everyone gave props to Dirk Koetter's play calling.


I'd like to use this post as a chance to let other people bring up random thoughts regarding the Jaguars.

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