Explanation of my bold prediction

I made a bold prediction before the game started. I not counted for a win. But I back my words; so I explain why  made that (veeeery bold) prediction. You can call it unrealistic; stupid or else. To be clear; I still consider myself the "Patience" guy who will be happy with an 8-8 record. But I must stay true what I opredicted; so here is my thesis and explanation. I wrote that to the game preview topic just before the kickoff:
                                  Now here is my bold/stupid statement of 2009:


And here is why(game by game discrition)

1. game: Bills. Sure Buffalo have the offensive firepower( Lee Evans; Marshawn Lynch; Fred Jackson and the ticking timebomb) Bu the QB Trent Edwars is not playing his best football yet. Also they are dead last against the rush. So if Maurice put120+ yards on the Jes defense; imagine what he will do with them. And if they loading the box; then it will be David Garrard pass to-Mike Sims Walker; -Torry Holt; -Mike Thomas; -Tiquan Underwood; -Marcedes Lewis; -Zach Miller. I know how great the rookie Jarius Byrd is; but he can't cover anyone. And it will be nice seeing Drayton Florence again...  (prediction: win; record 6-4) 

2. Game: San Fransisco. I know many fear a lot of this game. Trip to the west; etc. I have my concerns. BUT! I see these 49ers this week. They are everything but unbeatable. Jay Cutler threw 5 picks and almost won that game! There defense is good; but not better then the Jets D. They good against the run; but terrible gainst the pass-although I wanna see how they handle the redhot Maurice Jones Drew. You need to limit Patrick Willis. You need to do it with Frank Gore too. Michael Crabtree is very good; Vernon Davis is a threat. But there QB no matter if it's Shaun Hill or Alex Smith is everything but good. Also Coach "samurai" Mike Singeltary is overrated. He is a good defensive mind; but not a good head coach. He is a less good version of Jack Del Rio! (prediction: win; record 7-4) 

3. game Houston. Big Game. Matt Schaub is on fire. But he has only 1 real receiver left and that is Andre Johnson. If you can limit him; like the Jags do on Week 3; you almost pull out a victory. There defense is still stinks no matter how good Brian Cushing will play. The Jags will beat them in a very hard fought game. (prediction: win; record 8-4)

4. game Miami. Another HUGE game against the Dolphins. if my prediction is correct the jags will be redhot now. It will be a "run the ball; stop the run" game with lot of tricky plays. The Jaguars need all their power to win it. But I think front off an almost soldout stadium; they will do; and run away with a W in the end. (prediction: win; record 9-4) Indianapolis. Now here is my boldest prediction of the whole post. The Jaguars will beat the Colts. How?-you might you ask it. I tell you.. If the Colts need to win this game yet(not clinched hoime field advantage for the playoffs)- Peyton Manning will playing with our secondary. and might tear them aapart. But so will do the Jags runshing attack with there ravaged defense(they are already without Sanders). The Jags could play with Indy when they were really bad (2 games of win; one almost win-from team that was much worse then this-1 game this year; smallest margin of defeat yet!))The Jags will make here a huge upset and statement.  (prediction: win; record 10-4) New England. Now we don't win this one. This is too high order. We have no luck against Brady and co. I think it will remain this year too. All I hope is very close game; and seeing Fred on the field. (prediction: loss; record 10-5) Cleveland. Hey with all the respect it is Cleveland under head coach "Total Disaster" Switch off joshua Cribbs-scor early; and rest the core players-to stay healthy (prediction: win; record 11-5)

We have a lots off tiebraker vicotries if this happen; so I don't think we will share the fate of the '08 patriots. Jags will go to the wild card; and will play against the Broncos/Steelers

So here is my BOLD prediction. This is NOT the usual "post victory over the top" article. I'm still the patience guy. I still  stick with 8-8 good season thing. I know it is rebuilding. (By the way the Jags have equally wins on Week 10 then after week 17 last year...)But I made a bold prediction and back my words with this.

Debate it; call it waaaay to optimistic; feel free for do that. But after a huge win like this I'm telling you:
ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!! Including this prediction will becoming the reality!

Zoltan Paksa (the BOLD ONE)

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