The X-factor for the 49ers game; other quick thoughts about the season

The Jaguars facing another very tough road game this weekend in San Fransisco against the 49ers. We all know how the last trip ended on week 5 against the Seahawks in Seattle (0-41). I think this Jaguars are a different; more maure team then the Jaguars played in Qwestfield in October. But still the 49ers is I think a team that is more then meets the eye. It will be very difficult to beat them. But the Jaguars have a big X-factor on this Sunday. Their secret weapon is the best Jaguar of the roster: Maurice Jones-Drew. Yeah you heard right; he is carrying our secret weapon on Sunday. What is that secret weapon; well? Well continue reading.

 The secret weapon: Maurice has a special game on Sunday! Belive it or not it will be his VERY FIRST NFL GAME IN CALIFORNIA! And that mean he will going home!  Yeah he is a 4th year pro; but yet he never played in his home state; the place he lived most time of his life. To have more luck: San Fransisco is very close to the place he lives in the offseason; Antioch; California. I'm sure many of his friend will be in Candlestick Park. Maurice even siad on NFL Network to Rich Eisen that his game will be special for him. I know MJD was held to 66 rushing yards by the worst rush defense in the NFL(thank that because of the very good LB Paul Posluszny) Now he will face the 6thbest rush defense; with the fantastic Patrick Willis who many says can be "best defensive player of the year"; and head coach Jack Del Rio just called him the best LB in the game on the "Jack Del Rio show". Coming from the mouth of jack that means even bigger acknowledgement! I know the trip might can product (again) troubles again. But with that special motivation by the best player of our team; having a not so good game last week; I think we can expect a very big game from Maurice; which might lead to the victory.

I have some other thoughts. I think this team will grab the targets what we have in our head before the season started;  8-8. (I know nothing is granted; but I think how Cleveland looks most of the time the Jaguars can beat them; and I see at least 1 victory in the next 5 games). But maybe if the Jaguars will finish wih 8-8; it can produce a bit bittersweet taste in some's mouth. Maybe in my mouth too. But no matter how this season ends; the Jags did more so far then I expected so far.I hope they keep continuing surprise me and you and everyone in the positive way; 1-2 times more this year.

I don't know did everyone see this:       

If the Jaguars somehow win 4 more games; they are most likely IN the playoffs(91%). I know there is along way to go; but if this team keep continue winning; then the very fantastic aim. That will be no easy. 49ers are a goodteam (more on that a bit later); Texans with that offense is very dangerous; we can not know how the Dolphins will play against us(although they lost Ronnie Brown; but have left enough playmakers)and then meet Peyton and Tom. BUT! That Colts game can be good for us. If the Colts can clinch the AFC until week 15 (they have a good shot to do that) maybe they will tank that game; and maybe they will let us win. I think we are a good team; but not that good as for example the Ravens; Steelers; Broncos. So a bit weaker team (Jaguars)in the playoff instead of a stronger team(the others I just mentioned) might serve the Colts interest better(to be honest with you; I would do that; and this time not the Jaguars fan; but the logical man speaks here) to let a team like the Jaguars in and left a team like the Steelers; Ravens; Broncos; or the Titans out. So maybe that week 15 game is not a 90 % loss. I can see Jim Sorgi at QB on that game most of the time(Peyton Manning will start to have his Brett Favre-ish starting series; but might will sit down after the 1st or the 2nd drive)..

And by the way; the Jaguars were the winners of week 11. If the Jaguars win on Sunday and have more luck they can win even bigger on week 12: Look the schedule Broncos-Giants ( I think Denver is heading there, where the experts expected them before the season..); Ravens-Steelers (Big game on SNF; and if the Ravens win they do us a huge favour; plus the Steelers might be without Polamalu and Roetlishberger) and Texans-Colts (I think the winning streak will continue; The Texans don't have the defense to stop Manning...) they all can end up with helping the Jaguars! All we need to do is (somehow) win it he bay area...(Oh by the way; folks keep 1 eye on the Titans; they might be in the hunt too. Who would expected that after New England and the 0-59?...)

Now more about this 49ers game. Man; they have play makers. Frank Gore; Patrick Willis; Vernon Davis; and yes Michael Crabtree(I watched him on full games this season; he will be one of the best WR even with a QB like Alex Smith under center. Imagine if a Drew Brees would be his QB...) I think the Jaguars run defense can limit Gore; just as they limited Thomas Jones; Marshawn Lynch& Fred Jackson; and Steven Jackson lately; I expect the same from John Henderson; and Terrance Knighton; specially with Justin Durant looks like to return to the lineup. I have fears because of Rashean Mathis will miss another game; and although the Jaguars secondary shut down one good receiver (Lee Evans); they let Terrell Owens have his best games since years. The 49ers have 2 good receivers. Vernon Davis; and Michael Crabtree. I think Sean Considine will cover Vernon Davis; and he needs to have a similar good game he had against the NY Jets. Derek Cox must limit Crabtree. 

But I think the biggest match-up will be Frank Gore vs Maurice Jones-Drew. 2 Top 10 Offensive and Defensive player will play against each other. I heard that Willis felt ashamed against the Packers; and he promised a very tough Defense this weekend. It will be a very big battle. Dirk Koetter must be really smart. Their backfield might be a good area for David Garrard and the air strike of the Jaguars. Mike Sims-Walker; Torry Holt (I think he might will have the 1st TD as a Jaguar; and he might be the key for a victory) the reborned Marcedes Lewis; who are looking like a 1st round TE; and of course Mike Thomas. So Dirk this might be a good week to be pass happy; but with a specially motivated Maurice Drew; please don't forget about the running game.. again...

Another playoff game in the regular season. Can't wait for it; as for the rest of the season. I have mixed feelings about this game. If the jaguars can put Jets like performance; we have a shot in San Fransisco. What we saw last Sunday will be not enough.

I hope I will see the repeat of the Jets game; with similar outcome. Boy if that happened we are (almost sure) on 8-8-primary goal is accomplished and we can continue dreaming. I hope we will see the repeat of the Jets game with similar outcome. Because if so then I can see my favourite team winning once again on TV. Because the news just arrived that the 49ers-Jaguars game was selected to broadcasted here in Hungary on Sunday. One more reason I hope for a good game which will end with a victory.               

Zoltan Paksa           

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