Being the Devil's advocate-my view on the Jack Del Rio watch

OK; compared the head coach to the Devil is a bit too strong-in many; many ways; but after the loss against the Titans many Jaguars fans including here on this place called for his head on a plate..again. I still don't get that reaction although I share some of the concerns about him. But I still think he can still lead this team to great things. I collected some points which are showing why I think the reaction and the chant to fire him is a bit too early (at least to say). And I offer a maybe unusual way to helping judge his coaching in this season.

1. Talent of the current team

I know you might bored about this; but let's face it. This roster is not on the same level with the elite teams yet on regular basis. We saw they can beat or play close games with good teams (Colts-Week 1; Texans Week 3)But this roster is still having huge holes. If you don't beliveme; then please think about who are the guys from this team who would start in a top teams of the league? I found 3: Maurice Jones-Drew; Rashean Mathis; and Justin Durant. I think 9-10 guys of this team could make the roster of elite teams (Just to name a few: David Garrard; Daryl Smith; Greg Jones; Josh Scobee; he might could be the kicker at elite teams; and from the rookies Eben Britton, Terrance Knighton, and Mike Thomas) But this is not so much. We have major problems because there is simply no one can rush the passer. The Jaguars are so desperate thta poor Daryl Smith is the guy who was sent to blitz lately..Pass-protection is another area where the Jaguars lack talent yet. Although the Jaguars have  good corners-the safety area is still a mess. Maybe we have one legitim starter at Gerald Alexander; but other then him I see no solution. And the Jags claimed 5 or 6 safeties and corners during the offseason. Is that Jack's fault? Is his fault that those who are drafted to get the QB are cannot do that, no matter who protect it(a 4th LT activated from the practice squad and the Jags are dead last at sacks...They have 5 sack in 7 games games, no one has more then 1...I'm 100% sure that he teach his players tackle well. I sure because he is very upset about that part I see and hear on and from him. If the jags has the the talent; and Jack is still there yet; he will turn this group of people(I'm mean here defense) back to the top 10. And by the way; which part is the backbone of the defense? The linebackers. I don't wanna steal credits from Mark Duffner for that but I think Jack's hand is one reason why the are the most reliable group of the defense.

2. Don't forget what he archived

I watched the Green Bay-Minnesota game, and I just thought; why is that upset about Favre? Now he is the enemy because he is on another team(Yeah I know the way he got to Minnesota was not the gentleman-like that is for sure and he is currently quite overhyped too says the least...). But he was one of the key of that team's success for years. He lead and won a Superbowl. And although Jack has not that great record and success-but facts are facts his 6 year was not exactly bad times. From 4 of his previous 6 years as a head coach this team was contender to the playoffs. 2 of them he went to there. The first appearance was a small disaster because of his choice to start the injured Byron Leftwich instead of Garrard-yeah that is true. But the second attempt, his team did something no other team done in NFL history beat the Steelers back-to back in 1 season in their home field. Then his team was very close to defeat the New England Patriots in their home too. And I tell you if the jags would win that game, they would have represented to AFC on Superbowl XLI...It's a shame that the window of opportunity closed on that night. We wait and hope to the next opening which will come soon (even with Jack as head coach)

3. Selection of coaches

That is I agree a tricky subject. Jack had good (Mike Smith, Joe Decamilis; Mike Tice) and bad (Gregg Williams; Donnie Henderson; and "fan favourite-including mine" Ted Monachino) choices in his career as a head coach. I'm not sure about the most talked about coach these days; offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.Yeah he blew the last game with not handing the ball to Maurice (if Jack ordered really run in the very early phases of the game that would raise other questions for another topic) ; but no matter how good Maurice is-you must ta least try to be balanced with the run and the pass. Yeah Koetter is obsessed with the pass; but he has a reason to that. In the recent past, when the jaguars running game was feared in the NFL; the Steelersand DC legend Dick Lebeau had the cure load the box. If the Jaguars use Maurice (it seems the only effective runner of the team) that would happen with him again; and don't expect so often a mistackle parade like the Titans defense showed on those 2 beautiful TDs. Which why the Jags must use more the passing game then the running game in my opinion. Or the most ideal would be throw and run about 50-50% But to go back to my point; I think most of the Jaguars current coaches are good guys-I think Monachinois the only one with who's absence is something I would have no problem...Yeah Joe Decamilis and Gregg Williams is left because they andJack were not on the same page. Specially in Joe"s case that is something I really sorry. But If I look at the Jaguars coaching staff jack made expect one guy good selections.

4. How Jack's fate as a coach should be judged in my opinion

This years is will be played by under the word: rebuilding. No matter how tempting is our schedule; most likely the jaguars won't make it. which might come good to. Don't look mad at this point; I don't like to see the jaguars lose either. But they can concentrate to build the new guys to the team; can focus who are the players who cannot help (My candidates are at this point includes Reggie Nelson; Brian Russell; And maybe 1 or 2 guys who are still on the roster of he 2008 draft sadly); and in the end having a top 16 or maybe even Top 10 offense! And of course the basic goals: playing better as a team and try to reach the 7-9/8-8 record. If Jack and his team reach the most of these  goals or all; he can and I think must stay as head coach and my trust and support will remain on him.

But I give you another good example to watch for. You know the most thing (other then the passrush-pass protection problems) of the '09 jaguars is that if they lose; I know that around the 3 Quarter; maybe even on the 2nd. They didn't produce close ball games when they have a bad day or the opponent is the better team on that day. This bothers me. And in this area; We have luck to see what happens this year. Because other then 2 (or maybe just 1) opponents (week 15-16; games against the Colts and Patriots-although this team can play close games with indy even if they are not so good) there are no unbeatable opponents of the schedule. So we can see how the Jags lose if (and most  likely they will lose games) how the Jaguars will handle the opponents in the second half of the season. Remember; many expert said it that the rebuilding most show the first consistent signs of improvement of the second part of the season. Well I can't wait for that. Because if the jaguars will lose for example against the 49ers or the Jets or the Dolphins in a very big battle; within 2-3 points; in nail biters-I say Ok Jack you can continue your work in 2010. But if we saw the same thing we saw on last sunday or against Seattle or in most parts of the Arizona game; then it is time for another head coach to take over.

So; I stick in the rest of the season with my "patience for rebuilding" point of view. I will trust in Jack; and(unless he not showing consistent signs in the second half in an other direction)  I will defending him even if he must accept defeat on gameday until the last game. After that I made my judgement. I think Gene Smith is also looking Jack's situation like I do. I think the conclusion will be the same. Jack has 9 games (more then half of the season) to make sure t me; to you; to the ownership that this team goes the right direction under him as head coach.I think after the final game in Cleveland; we will all know what is next. Until that time; remain critical; but please stop calling for his head. Please stop push the alarm button after every lost game. I will keep saying over and over again my word for the season: Patience. And that is what every Jaguars fan who care about this team should do!

Zoltan Paksa




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