Jags still well in the hunt!


I was at the game yesterday, and I agree that we played hard, but came up short.  I think we should have won the game, but we did not.  The Jags did not implode, they lost, but here is some food for thought on the remaining season.  There are 7 teams left in the hunt for the final wild card spot.  They are Jags, Dolphins, Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Titans and Texans.  The Ravens look to be in the best spot, but due to the Jags conference record, Jacksonville looks good!

Lets look at each teams remaining season:

Jags:  In reality, I think the only game we can really count on for a win is the Browns (and nothing is a given in the NFL).  If that is the case, Jags end up 8-8 (7-5 in conference). 

Dolphins:  They face the Titans, Texans, and Steelers.  It is not hard to see them only winning one of these three, but I am not sure which one.  They could also easily loose all three.  The important point is that if the Jags have the same number of overall wins as the Dolphins, we get the spot due to conference records.  At present, the Dolphin conference record is 5-4, one game behind the Jags.

Jets:  I look at the Jets situation as very similar to ours.  They face the Falcons, Colts, and Cincinnati.  The Falcons look like their best chance.  That would put them at 8-8, just like the Jags, but with a conference record of 5-7.  The Jags would get the playoff spot.

Ravens:  The Ravens face the Bears, Steelers, and Raiders.  I think the Steelers will get revenge, and who knows about the Bears, but the Ravens are favored in that game.  Oakland has been a surprise to big teams, and the game is in Oakland, so who knows. If the Ravens finish with the same record as the Jags, we have the better conference record.  Go Bears, Steelers and Raiders!

Steelers:  They are a game behind the Jags, but we need them to beet the Ravens and Dolphins in the event the Dolphins beat either the Titans or Texans.  The best conference record the Steelers can achieve is 6-6.  The Jags 7-5 would surpass this.  Once again, same overall record, and the Jags get in.

Titans:  Tennessee is also a game behind the Jags, They would have to have the better record as their conference record can not be better than the jags, no matter what happens.  We need them to beat Miami next week, and then fall to either the Chargers or Seattle.  Go Titans in week 15, and Chargers in Week 16!

Texans:  Also games behind the Jags, the Texans face the Rams, Dolphins, and New England.  Houston beating the Dolphins helps us, and you have to believe they will beat the Rams.  That would make them 8-8, same record as the Jags, but we have them covered if our records are the same.  Go Patriots in Week 17!

So, to recap this, if any of these 7 teams end up with the same record as the Jags, the Jags get the playoff spot based on the better conference record.  If we win out, we are in.  That is a tough road, but looking at the remaining schedules, it is unlikely that at 9-7 we are not in, and it is even possible that at 8-8 we get in with some help.  I know I am being very optimistic, but not unrealistic.  We are still well in the thick of it folks!

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