Consistent Inconsistency: We're Not Out of the Woods Yet


In May of this year, Collin wrote an article titled "Consistent Inconsistency: Why the Jaguars haven’t sustained success." In the article, he talked about the impact Gene Smith will have on the franchise, coming to a conclusion proclaiming:

Welcome to the third era of Jaguars football, an era that will be marked by leadership, frugality, and a team-first mentality. Say good-bye to being consistently… inconsistent.   

While I can't say I disagree with that completely, I'm not going to agree with it fully either. Gene is going to usher in this new era, of that I'm sure; however, I believe our Editor-In-Chief may have been a little premature in his declaration. 

It has been commonly said throughout Big Cat Country that Jack Del Rio is to blame for an extremely inconsistent tenure as head coach, and that there will be no consistency until he is fired and replaced. It is hard to disprove this, however, it is my opinion that David Garrard is the one creating this perception. It is his erratic play that has cost the Jaguars in important games throughout the last 3+ years.

David Garrard is by no means a terrible quarterback, or one that is not capable of getting the Jaguars to the playoffs. Whoever the young quarterback of the Jaguars' future is, will hopefully receive the opportunity to learn behind a veteran player like David who can teach him the intricacies of being an NFL quarterback. The problem with David is simply that he doesn't not play like a good quarterback on a consistent basis. 


The chart above is done by and shows David's inconsistent year from a game-by-game standpoint. The Jaguars lost in weeks 1, 2, 5, 8, 12, and 14, which just happen to be the 6 worst performances by Garrard of the season. Only in the San Francisco game did he earn a rating over 1.5, and I don't think anyone would describe an 0-4 in the redzone performance as good enough. It's clear that when David plays poorly the Jaguars follow. Here are the charts of some of some of the NFL's elite quarterbacks who all model consistency:

Drew Brees

Aaron Rodgers

Philip Rivers

Peyton Manning

Now before the offensive line starts taking the blame, here are some interesting stats. According to ProFootballFocus's stats, Garrard has seen pressure on 164 of his 476 passes. Under pressure Garrard has thrown 1 interception, with the other 5 coming with no pressure. 

In other words, we may have to wait a year or two more before we can officially declare an end to the consistent inconsistency. Until then, expect the unexpected from the Jaguars. 

-Adam Stites

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