Who are we rooting for this week??

I sense too much caution regarding our playoff chances........


I know this team is rebuilding, and I know we´ve had some heart-breaking losses in which the team seems to be out of interest. But hey! we´re still in the chase!!! And in no way i´m loosing hope...... I know we kind of went out of perspective but how can you not think and root and hope and see this team in the playoffs!!

There´s too much thinking on next season already!!! C´mon people this team is with a winning record, and fans are treating the Jaguars just as if it was last season........ thinking about draft day already........


So now the Jaguars stand at 6-5 with a winning AFC record and holding the 2nd Wild card ticket. We face a schedule not easy, but not that hard!!!

The Texans are just or even more inexpirienced than us from the players all the way to the coachig staff.........and they are just as inconsistent as we are! People are frightened by their offense, but hey! We also have a Hell of an offense! take out the 2 trips to the West and this team is a top 10 offense in the league.

Sure we make Qb´s look like Pro-Bowlers, but the Texans aren´t far away from that either, and we have MJD while they have.......... a couple of decent RBs.

Then we face Miami and the Colts........ who really thinks the Colts can blow us out?? this is a divition rivalry in prime time!! we have bigger chances of beating the Colts than beating the Dolphins!


So I´m not looking into next season just yet....... And so I present you the teams we should root for this next week in order for us to get to the playoffs through the easy way.


Jets @ Buffalo      We root for: Buffalo

Both of these teams are virtually eliminated, Buffalo way before this game, but the Jets even with mathematical chances of getting into the playoffs their AFC record chops their legs in the tie-break. So eventhough this game means very liitle for the Jags lets hope the Bills put the last nail in the Jets coffin.


Denver @ Kansas     We root for: Kansas

It´s a division rivallry and maybe, just maybe, the Chiefs can give the Jags another break by beating the Broncos!! Let´s hope they do!!


Tennessee @ Colts       We root for: The Colts

Tennessee is also virtually eliminated because of their AFC record. We don´t need them to stay alive. AND we need the Colts to stay unbeaten untill we play them!!!!


Oakland @ Pittsburgh       We root for: Oakland

Allthough Highly unprobable, the steelers are in a loosing streak and they lost to the Chiefs allready. If the Raiders beat the steelers the Jags would catch an enourmous break.


Detroit @ Cincy           We root for: Cincy

Let the bengals win the AFC North.


New England  @ Miami         We root for: New England

Let the Pats win the AFC East and put the last nail in the Fins coffin. Beating the Fins sends them eliminated to Jacksonville!!!!!!


San Diego @ Cleveland           We root for: Cleveland

This week´s matchups are, in paper, too easy for the jags direct competitors. Lets hope at least one of them gives out the upset!!!!


Baltimore @ Green Bay            WE root for: Packers!

Ravens stand at 6-5 also, but we are above them because of our AFC record. Plus we should always root for the NFC over the AFC unless the jags are playing, so go Packers!!

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