A few observations from section 210

Someday we are going to learn how to prevent games like this from coming down to the wire; this one had no business being close. But no complaints, a win is a win, and there were a lot of things to like about the way we played today. A few random thoughts:

1. Marcedes Lewis is becoming an all-pro caliber tight end. He is a beast of a blocker, and has been good for one major downfield play in each of the last 3 or 4 games. Thank you Shack for leaving us with at least one first round pick who seems worth the price.

2. Our corners played great today. Derek Cox did an amazing job on the best receiver in the league, was disruptive on a couple of pressures and came out of nowhere to make 2 key tackles. I love this kid. TBrack was almost as good with a key breakup and dependable coverage; the silver lining in the dark cloud of Mathis' injury is the emergence of this kid as a viable backup.

3. I read the second half thread when I got home and agree with the comments about Harvey. He doesn't always get there, but the effort is formidable and the disruptions are increasing. I'm not so sold on Groves ... seems to have some Reggie Nelson in him in terms of not always being in the right place. Also agree with comments on Gerald Alexander ... he has been very solid and is becoming a playmaker.

4. I tried to focus a lot on Monroe and Britton when we had the ball, and they both seemed to have good games; I don't remember Mario Williams making any plays today, which is remarkable. Britton in particular never seems to take a play off and is always looking for someone to knock down.The center of the line is another matter ... I think Uchi will be a solid right guard but he was beaten badly on several occasions today, as were Meester and Vince. It's inexcusable that two weeks in a row we can't get enough of a push up the middle on consecutive plays for MJD to pick up a yard. And we have got to have some new short-yardage plays ... maybe something off tackle? And why do we never pitch it to Maurice going wide?

5. I feel so good for Nate Hughes. I liked his demotion after the drops in week 2 because of the message it sent, but it's great to see a young kid get another chance and redeem himself. He could be a factor on this team for many years.

6. Isn't it weird how kickers have bad games come up and bite them in the butt inexplicably? But Scobee manned up, put last week behind him and was incredible today in really difficult conditions. What was it, a 50-yarder he made into the wind? Would have been good from 58.

7. Say what you will about David Garrard, he is one tough son of a bitch. And he made some gorgious throws today, especially the TD to Hughes and a couple of third down conversions to the sideline. When he gets time he is awesome. When he tries to over-tough it he makes mistakes. Glad for him that fumble got overruled.

All in all we have to be thrilled how this team is developing. In the playoff hunt with 4 games left? We'd have taken that in a heartbeat before the season. Next week is huge. I just hope there are more than 36,000 people there.

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