We have a Defense?

Now this post is NOT based on the stats of the game, sorry its exam time and I only wish I could get them for you, so if anyone as the facts to back me up or shoot me down please post them, I'm all for the truth.

        So before the season began I was EXTREMELY hopeful and optimistic about our defense, with Mathis health, Cox looking like he should have been a number one draft pick, Considine pick up etc and a new defensive coach (I HATE Williams). The season opener at Indy was not terrible, should some good signs, but that was it and they fell to the bottom of the league. During some of the Jags seven wins the D has had glimmers of improvement like the Houston game (first game second half) and Jets etc but nothing that would make me believe they are becoming elite, or so I thought.

       As I look back on the season so far I see the MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE improvement this defense has made, which has been due to the rookies, F.A and vets. Cox and Knighton are shaping up to be extremely talented and skilled football players, and I'll say this now for you critics out there, YES they need improvement, and YES they have been burned. Yet overall they have been playing extremely well considering they are rookies thrusted into starting roles. Next season teams will not be just advoiding Mathis but Cox as well. Oh as for Potroast, the big man can cover recievers!

      The Free Agents, mainly Considine, Stanley, and Ellyison have been very important on this defense. Considine has over come the problems he was having early in the season, and has been showing he is a force on the field. Both Stanley and Ellyison are making the teams that cut them double think that decision, and are playing like they have a new lease on the life of football.

       Now looking at the vets, well Big John has been playing and looking like, well the Big John of old thanks to Knighton. Mathis, well the man is sick, you can't say anything else about him, his talent and skill are AMAZING and anyone who doubts him needs to keep those evil thoughts to him/herself. Harvey has shown the most improvement I think out of anyone on the defense, he is starting to play like the first round pick he is, minus the sacks which I am sure are to follow. Now the only darkside of this article is Nelson...what can I say, personally I think he needs to go, he has failed to live up to this expectations...I know there are those of you out there that love him, well convince me otherwise lol.

       Lest we forget the switch back to the 4-3, and I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say, "what took you so long." We should all hope the 4-3 is here to stay, and with everyone under the sun switching to 3-4 there should be some nice F.A out there that we can pick up, Aaron Kampman anyone? (free agent at the end of the season).

       Now the defense can slip back to mediocre level of play again, and have bad games, but I think there is a light at the other end of the tunnel, and I think th\t by next season we will be in the top 10, if not top 5 defenses in the league. 


P.S. Any facts supporting/contradicting what has been said are welcome

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