Scouting Report 2009: Better Know a Draft Prospect: Alabama Left Tackle Andre Smith


This was originally going to be on Baylor Left Tackle Jason Smith. However, due to the events at the combine I think these two have effectively "Traded places" with Jason becoming the Top Rated tackle and out of the Jaguars reach, while Andre falls behind Eugene Monroe to take the #3 spot among tackles and should be available at the #8 spot.

Because of his two recent facepalm worthy moves, being suspended for the Sugar Bowl then skipping the combine, many have forgotten that prior to that he was a legit shot to go #1 and was #1 on many boards.

Smith was a dominant linemen at Alabama, and if you want to see just how much he meant, just look at the tone of Alabama's offensive line during the season vs the Sugar Bowl against Utah.

Smith comes out of a Pro Style system at Alabama, which as I've said, gives him a better edge at making the leap than Jason Smith or Michael Oher, who were in primarily Spread offenses last season.


Video Killed The Scouting Report


By The Numbers

At A Glance
Position 1:  Left Tackle
Height:  6'5
Position 2:  Right Tackle
Weight: 320
Class:  Junior Age:  21
Projected Round: 1

 40time:  5.5

Smith is the shortest and stockiest tackle in the draft. His weight is something of a concern, especially against quick footed defensive ends. However his raw skills are undeniable.


According To The Experts


Mocking The Draft:: Smith has lived up to the hype as a premier run blocker. Uses his hands very well and has the strength to easily redirect opponents. Does nicely on the move. Does a good job staying low to get leverage.

Draft Board Insider: Huge body, wide and thick with the most powerful build of any of the top tackles. Easily the best tackle in this draft, based on one thing. He is the most crippling run blocker at tackle I’ve seen in a decade

Walter Football: Extremely strong and has nice bulk and wide base... Dominant run blocker and is a finisher... Nasty demeanor



Mocking The Draft: Doesn't have top footwork for a left tackle. Needs to improve his quickness. That may be a weight issue, which he's had problems with in the past

Draft Board Insider: Needs to work on weight and not the best footwork

Walter Football: Doesn't have the explosive athleticism of an elite left tackle ... Major weight concerns in the past

Why Should He Be a Jaguar

Andre Smith is a monster tackle who prior to the combine was guranteed to be gone by the #4 pick. Now, he may slide all the way to the the second round. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe this is a repeat of the scenario where UF tackle Kenyatta Walker slid to the Jaguars, another "Surfire Top 10 pick" at 13 only for the Jags to take Marcus Stroud. Stroud is a 3 time Pro Bowler, I believe Walker is out of the league. Or maybe Smith may be the best lineman the Jaguars have had since Boselli.

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