Better Know A Draft Prospect: Kansas State Quarterback Josh Freeman




Video(s) Killed The Scouting Report

QB Josh Freeman Highlights KSU vs Texas Tech 2008 (via DraftParty)

Josh Freeman - Cannon - Kansas State Football (via KSUPoetWarrior)


Josh Freeman: By The Numbers


  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.82
  • Vertical Jump: 33.5 (2nd among QBs)
  • Broad Jump: 9'11" (1st among QBs)
  • 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.43 (8th among QBs)
  • 6-6 250




Josh Freeman comes out of college a little raw. But the thing that is most intriguing to scouts is his physical attributes. At six foot six, 250 pounds, Freeman has drawn comparisons to the Raiders JaMarcus Russell, not only size wise but also arm strength wise. Has a great arm and can effortlessly make every NFL throw. Surveys the field well and usually takes the check down to a back or tight end when needed.

Freeman is also known for his running ability, and ability to move around in the pocket and make plays. Is hard to bring down once he has a head of steam, and runs the quarterback draw well, something the Jaguars have become known for. Freeman is a good character guy, smart, and shows toughness, as he played through injury many a time at Kansas State.

Scouting Report Strengths 

Mocking The Draft: Incredible arm strength. Can make just about any deep throw. Puts a nice touch on passes and knows when to take some heat off throws. Great size and can take a hit. Never had the best offensive line protecting him and was pressured frequently. Showed during his junior season that he can be mobile rushing for 14 touchdowns. Cut down on his interceptions every season but still needs to improve his decision making. Played in a pro-style offense, albeit mostly from the shotgun.

New Era Scouting: Freeman has an absolute cannon for an arm. His arm strength will immediately compare with every pro quarterback. He can make every throw. His deep accuracy has gotten better in 2008, as has his decision making. Is big and strong and will be able to absorb hits from NFL defenders. Will step up in the pocket, giving himself more time to throw. Can be accurate on his deep ball, but needs to learn more about touch.

Scouting Report Weaknesses 

Mocking The Draft: Not quite ready to be a starting NFL quarterback because of his lack of technique and proper footwork. Rarely steps into his throws. Holds the ball too low when he drops back which nullifies any kind of quick release he would have. 

New Era Scouting:Freeman must learn to step in to his throws, refine his motion to keep the ball high in his drop, and show that he can win without Yamon Figurs/Nelson running bubble screens. He also has a terrible habit of winding up on the run. His delivery is long and slow.

Why Josh Freeman Should Be A Jaguar

If the Jaguars are to get Freeman in the first round, they would have to trade back past 15, and maybe into the 20s to not let the pick become a reach. However, some have Freeman falling into the second, where the Jaguars would be poised to take him. It is known that Jacksonville needs a quarterback for the future to start developing. Freeman in teal would be the perfect situation for Jacksonville; as he could develop and refine his technique, while David Garrard finishes out his career. 

If the Jags get a good deep receiver, in 4 years, Freeman would be ready to take over, and the two could become a Pro Bowl tandem. Freeman could be the quarterback for the future, as rarely does a player this blessed with these type of physical attributes come out of college, and have time to develop. Jacksonville could offer him that.



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