An Open Letter From The Jaguars Fans to Matt Jones.


Towards the middle of last season you had us all on edge. We were thinking, "Yes! He's finally become the legitimate receiver we drafted him to be!"...

Why do you hurt us so?

All we ever asked of you was to catch the ball. For three agonizing years we watched you come so close to doing just that, only to have the ball bounce from your oddly lifeless fingertips.

What, we pondered, could the cause of your horrible lack of concentration be attributed to? Were you really that overhyped coming out of college? The answer, it seemed, was a little bit of magic dust... Or rather, cocaine.

So, after the cocaine bust, it looked like you were turning things around. You were having an excellent training camp, you started the year off great, you started catching passes and you certainly outshone that hack-I mean legitimate free agent signing Jerry Porter.

Our hopes were high coming into this season, we were hoping that you paired with a deep threat could be like Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith. Thunder and Lightning all over again. But no, you had to ruin it for us.

I mean, seriously, who drinks while they golf? Come on man, that's just absurd! I've certainly never kicked back a cold one while cruising my way to a gentleman's 140 (and that's just the back nine...). No, never in a casual golfer's life has he opened a beer coming into the seventh hole. Or coming off the first tee...

My point here, although it may seem long winded now, is you have been released because you violated your probation. You violated your probation drinking beer while golfing.

So the Jaguars cut you. Wow, Gene Smith, I know you value character, but this is a guy who is on the rise. In the last year he's gone from slobbering cocaine addict to legitimate wide receiver and you cut him for downing a cold one on the golf course. I hope like nobody's business that you end up with a team we play this season, Matt. And I love the Jags, and I hope they win, but I also hope you go over 100 yards against us if we do play you, just to show Gene Smith what an idiot he is.

So, Matt Jones, good luck wherever you land and let it be known that the fans of Jacksonville will miss you a lot more than they think this season. Now we get to pick between Northcutt and... Do we have a second receiver?


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