Better Know A Draft Prospect: Ohio State Running Back Chris "Beanie" Wells




Beanie Wells: By The Numbers


  • 6'1'' 235 pounds
  • 40 Yard Dash(Pro Day) Mid 4.4
  • Bench Press: 25 Reps at 225 pounds
  • Broad Jump: 10'8"


Video Killed The Scouting Report

Chris "Beanie" Wells 2007 Highlight Reel (via r0ck3tm4nn)


Wells has already developed great vision, allowing him to find cut back lanes, and get to the hole quickly. Tough runner inside, who keeps his legs pumping, allowing him to consistently gain yards after contact. Breaks tackles with ease. Shows a great stiff arm, shaking tacklers who come at him from behind or bad angles. Shows great break away speed, even with his size. Might have the best size/speed combination of the draft, along with the acceleration to get through a hole quickly. 

There are some durability concerns about Wells. This could be due to his style of running, or it could be that he was not on a good injury prevention program. Either way, the risk is not big enough to knock him out of the first half of the first round.


Scouting Report Strengths

Mocking The Draft: Wells is a powerful and explosive runner. Has excellent vision to hit a hole inside or bounce the run to the outside. Once he makes a decision where to go, Wells has excellent agility to make a jump cut and go. Is fast enough to get to the corner and move upfield. Has the power to work through trash or run over defenders. Good stiff arm. 

New Era Scouting: Wells is very athletic for such a big back. He can change direction quickly and accelerates through the hole. Has the ability to make defenders miss or he can run through them. Is well liked by coaches and players. Has had no known problems while at Ohio State. A very competitive player who loves to run the ball. Works hard in the weight room to improve his strength. A tough runner who doesn’t go down very easily. A very intelligent football player who can read where the hole is and accelerate through it. Knows his assignments and understands his role in the offense. Has been on the Big Ten all-academic team the last two years. Ideal size for an every down back in the NFL. Has very powerful legs and upper body to withstand the grind of the long season. Protects the ball well and has not had a problem with fumbling. Does a good job of securing it while running between the tackles. Uses his quick feet to set up defenders and accelerate through the hole.  Is a powerful runner who can run through arm tackles and run over defenders. Has very strong legs and upper body. Has good speed for a running back. He doesn’t have blazing speed but if he breaks through the line, he is tough to catch. Shows good patience and vision while running the ball. A natural runner who can anticipate where the hole is going to be and hits it quickly.

Scouting Report Weaknesses

Mocking The Draft: Has had lingering injury issues during his entire career which is troublesome. 

New Era Scouting: Wells has had his share of injuries while at Ohio State. He played with a broken wrist last year and has leg and foot problems. He missed 3 games this year but has played with injuries in the past. Has the ability to make defenders miss even though it seems his hips are a little stiff. Is a good receiver but not a great one.


Why Chris "Beanie" Wells Should Be A Jaguar

Beanie Wells could really be a great complement to Maurice Jones-Drew. After Jones-Drew has run over a defense with both power and speed, the defense would get a second dose, essentially, with Wells. Wells could finish off games with power, and break off long runs with his great burst and decent straight line speed. Wells would not just be a finisher either. It is still unproven whether or not Jones-Drew can carry the load of 25 carries per game over the whole season. Wells could spell Jones Drew over the course of the game. Wells is the best NFL style running back in the draft, bar none. A great player to have on any team.

Obviously there is no back worth taking in the top 10. So the only way for the Jaguars to get Wells is if they traded back, maybe with the Jets, and picked him up at 17. It has been reported that the Lions have already begun talks with Jason Smith, making it even more likely that Sanchez will fall to them at 8. We give the Jets the pick, and the Jags would have the opportunity to take Wells if he the BAP.


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