Better Know A Draft Prospect: Georgia Running Back Knowshon Moreno


Knowshon Moreno, By the Numbers

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 217
  • Forty Yard Dash: 4.61 seconds
  • 3 Cone: 6.84 seconds
  • 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.27 seconds
  • 60 Yard Shuttle: 11.63 seconds


Video Killed The Scouting Report

RB Knowshon Moreno Highlights Georgia UGA 2008 Part 1 (via DraftParty)

Knowshon Moreno is a good example of an all around back. He runs with aggresion inside, showing ability to break tackles, and has adequate speed, with great quickness to bounce outside. Also good at catching the ball out of the backfield, and turning screens and dump passes into big plays. Is creative in ways to trick defenders, and has a collection of moves including spin moves, hurdling, and he can jump cut as good as anybody.

Known as a good character guy, with outstanding passion for the game, and brings it on every play. Pro Football weekly says " a cross between [Carnell] Cadillac Williams, and Marion Barber [III].


Scouting Report Strengths

Mocking The Draft:Moreno is a complete back who can play can play every down. Possesses very good speed and a second gear to burst away on the second level. Hits holes with immediacy and reads defenses well to understand where an opening is going to be at. Uses a solid stiff arm to break away from defenders. Excellent agility. Regularly made highlight reels by leaping completely over tacklers. Runs tough and likes contact. Keeps his legs moving after first contact. Very good receiver for a running back. Has the ability to split out wide.

New Era Scouting: Has the ideal attitude for a running back. Relentless ball carrier that fights with all he has for every inch. Plays with a fire and passion that every coach dreams for. Very spirited persona on the field that inspires his teammates. Blue collar attitude with a white collar talent level. Has the size to run in between the tackles and the toughness to take hits. Plays through pain. Runs with top tier balance that allows him to bounce of defenders and recover from hits, keeping him upright and moving forward. Consistently falls in the right direction, tough to drive backward. Slippery in traffic and moves with explosive quickness in a short area. Shows no hesitation when it comes to lowering his shoulder into a pile of defenders, craves the contact and tries to initiate the contact.

Scouting Report Weaknesses 

Mocking The Draft: Although Moreno put on a lot of strength between his freshman and sophomore seasons, he needs to continue getting stronger, particularly in the upper body. His power running style could be a problem at the next level where opponents will be much stronger. Moreno often seeks contact instead of using his quickness and speed to work around it. Above average pass blocker, but should get better as he gains more strength.

New Era Scouting: Lacks the top end speed in space and can be caught from behind. Plays out of control at times, body seems to be moving too quickly for his mind. Will bounce his run to the outside too often, needs to show more patience in his approach to the interior holes and lanes. Lacks trust in his blocking and takes things into his own hands too often. Durability may be an issue because of his aggressive running style as he leaves himself open for those second and third hits while he fights for that extra yard when the initial tackler hangs on.

Why Knowshon Moreno Should Be A Jaguar

While a lot of people will instantly say,"The Jags have Jones-Drew, why draft another running back?"

I say another back wouldn't be bad to have. If the Jaguars trade back around the 15th spot, Moreno might be the BAP if he is there. He would be a pretty good complement to Jones-Drew, and could be the new third down back. He catches the ball pretty well, blocks well, and could be that perfect fill in while Jones-Drew gets a rest. Moreno even has the ability to line up wide, sort of like a poor mans Reggie Bush. Knowshon is also a character guy and a fierce competitor.

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