Wells vs Moreno Debate

Chris Wells, HB Ohio State and Knowshon Moreno, HB Georgia are the consensus top two Halfbacks in the 2009 NFL Draft. Lets examine and discuss.

Wells: Deadly spin move that actually did remind me of Fred Taylor. When he runs he is no doubt a downhill runner. Not nearly as agile as fred but i can see resemblances from time to time. Has great speed within 10 yards and uses it every time he has the ball. Good but not great stiff arm. Good because of upper-body strength, not great because he is not a vicious runner. Most likely a mentality deal. If he was to throw his hand and/or body at the defender. It would hurt and remind people of LT’s stiff arm. As Slvrgun said, he lacks top end speed. This is very noticeable in all of his highlights. After 40 yards he starts to slow and he seems to top out at about 50 yards. Bare with me on those, its hard to know for sure with direction changes and not knowing how tired he was in situations. In the open space, Wells will flatten you. The only problem is he shys away to go out of bounds when he understands only a yard or so will be gaine by slamming into someone(this is normally after the first down, but i did not see instances where he was short and ran out. they may be there). Wells needs to work on a fight mentality. He needs to want it. He can be much better than moreno.(bare with me). Wells can hit the line at the goal-line and win.

Moreno: Very agile. Not as fast or as quick as i remembered or heard. He has speed, dont get me wrong. His speed is just not noticeable, it simply works. Now if you take that to a higher level, how great is it? He is a very intelligent runner. He has great field vision. When he is running, he is simultaneously setting the defenders up to allow him to keep going. He is also searching for more yards. A slower Jeremy Maclin in the open field. I say that because they are both searchers and pace themselves to get more yards. Moreno can move around well within a pile. Once he gets out, he will get caught unless he outsmarts the defenders. He is normally able to do that. Moreno wont move the line though.

My current verdict: Wells can be the better of the two. He is physically more capable. The only thing that pushes Moreno on the same level is the agility factor. Moreno is smooth in his cuts. Wells looks stiff and too straight-up. Its almost like Wells is still figuring out what to do. Which makes me like him even more, this leads me to believe Wells has a higher ceiling. Look up highlights of both players and watch their spin moves, watch their 5 to 10 yard explosion. Wells is quicker, faster, and harder to tackle. Moreno is harder to find. Wells does lack top end spend, but how many times do you need to keep speeding up after 50 yards? Even MJD doesnt need that. Chris Johnson, fast as he is. How many 55 yard runs did he have? Wells is the better of the two. He is not Fred Taylor, but Wells can get much better than he is with the proper coaching. I still dont know about top 10. I guess it depends who is taken. If both quarterbacks are gone, and Maclin. I would be fine with wells.

these are my thoughts, and are nothing more than what i honestly see. Im just a fan and this is my first off-season getting into prospects, i just call it like i see. Lets discuss

For better or worse,


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