An Average Joe's Mock Draft: Jaguars Addition

I've got another mock shaped up. This one is Jaguars only, through all 7 rounds. I think with 9 picks The Jags can get some skill in this deep draft.

Round 1: Andre Smith, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Andre Smith could really be the way to go here. He will most likely be the BAP, and meets need perfectly as well, which rarely happens. You have to take advantage of this when it does, The Jaguars can do that right here and take Smith.

Smith is a great run blocker, easily the best in the draft in that respective field. He has also shown great skill as a pass blocker, and while he his not as good as his counterpart Eugene Monroe, he gets the job done. Smith possesses the quickness needed to become a great pass blocker some day; plus Tra Thomas, an accomplished pass blocker, could mentor him there.

Drafting Andre Smith would instantly make this offensive line elite. Tra Thomas has the left tackle spot locked up for now, Vince Manawai should be returning to his form of being one of the best run blocking guards in the league. Brad Meester has been re-signed and keeps stability at center. Now here is where Andre Smith could help the o-line. As it has been proposed before, Smith could start at right tackle, and Pashos could move inside to guard, where he is better suited with his pass blocking weakness. When Tra Thomas gets burnt out on the left, Smith takes over there, while all the time he was being mentored by Thomas. The offensive line is looking nice.

The character concerns, if thats what they are going to be called, are so minimal that they should be ignored. Him leaving the combine and forgetting to tell someone is no reason to pass up on the best run blocker in the draft, hands down. Smith may seem a little immature, but hey, wasn't Freddy T. when he first came to J-Ville?

Round 2: Sean Smith, Cornerback, Utah

Sean Smith has kind of flown under the radar this off-season as far as cornerbacks go, but this kid has some great potential. He could be high on the Jaguars draft board in late April, and could be a great pick if some of the better known 2nd rounders are gone i.e. Alphonso Smith, D.J. Moore.

Sean Smith has a good size, speed combination that teams, especially cover 2 teams, look for. Smith also showed nice ball skills during his time at Utah, totaling 9 interceptions over his last two seasons; during the 2006 season, Smith actually played wide receiver, further indicating that he can catch the ball. 

Sean Smith could should have enough experience from camp to be able to take over the right corner spot by the start of the season. He needs work in zone, but has the attributes to be able to quickly become great in a cover 2 scheme. This would allow Brian Williams to move back to strong safety, and now our secondary is looking quite dangerous to throw against now.

Round 3: Pat White, Quarterback/Wide Receiver, West Virginia

Pat White really impressed at the Senior Bowl, and at the combine, where he ran his expected time. White should be the type of player Jack Del Rio and Wayne Weaver are looking for. The guy has a great attitude, highly motivated, and is a hard worker. Jack Del Rio and other staff members have mentioned White countless times, maybe suggesting that they are taking a good look at the guy. If he is there in the third, he will likely be wearing teal next fall.

White will most likely not become a full time quarterback in the NFL. But the guy is a great athlete who could develop into a slasher type of role. White has the tools to keep defensive coordinators up at night, but needs to realize what his role will be on a team, and embrace it. 

Pat White probably won't be the future for the Jaguars at the quarterback position. But he does offer great versatility that Dirk Koetter could use in creative ways, in an offense that lacked creativeness and explosiveness last season. White could line up in the slot, return punts, and develop into the Wild Cat quarterback of the future. The system wouldn't be inferior if a capable passer was taking the snaps. White offers a lot, and could get the Jaguars offense dangerous again. 

Round 4: Mike Wallace, Wide Receiver, Mississippi 

Jack Del Rio talked of getting Garrard some weapons, and this could be a start. Showed good playing last season for Ole' Miss, and could be a guy that really depends on where the Jaguars have him on their board. Some have him going in the 6th, some in the third, it really depends on what the team thinks of the guy. 

Mike Wallace is a burner, through and through. Last season he showed his abilities by posting nice numbers in the competitive SEC. He caught 39 balls for a 20.1 YPC average, with 7 touchdowns. Also showed running skills(Wild Cat) and special teams returning ability. Overall he is a pretty versatile player.

The Jaguars could use a playmaker like this. While his route running needs help, the guy can offer big play ability to an offense. He is like a poor mans Jeremy Maclin(he is not close, but that is a good comparison). With his deep speed, the Jaguars could get a deep threat, and all around playmaker, for much cheaper and better value than getting one in the first round.

Round 5: Kraig Urbik, Offensive Guard, Wisconsin

The Jaguars will be lucky if Urbik falls this far on draft day. Urbik is a hard worker, intelligent, and a great fit for what the Jaguars want in players both on and off of the field.

Urbik is capable of playing both guard spots, and right tackle. At right tackle though, he would probably turn into another Tony Pashos, a good run blocker who can't pass block on the edge. As a result, he could be a reserve his first few years, and when time comes, Urbik steps in at either guard spot and gives The Jags a great player there for half/full a decade.

Round 6: Terrance Taylor, Defensive Tackle, Michigan

With a need at defensive tackle, the Jaguars couldn't pass on Taylor if he fell this far. A fall is likely after his disappointing season last year, but Gene Smith should like this guy, as it appears that he wants to get better, and is prepared to work for it.

Terrance Taylor may not see the field much in his first year. There is a lot of work to be done with this guy, but he could turn out to have hidden super star potential. He is a bit shorter, perhaps like a 3-4 player, but the guy could be great in the middle in the future. Plus, he could be used in certain situations next season when the Jags pull out their variant of the 3-4.

Round 7: Chris Miller, Punter, Ball State

Punters are people too, or so they say. While its not always popular to draft a punter, sometimes it has to be done. This is one of those cases. Adam Podlesh should be on the hotseat, after a few un-spectacular seasons. Miller could come in and give Podlesh a run for his money, and who knows, maybe Miller will win the job and we can win the field position battle next season.

Round 7: Brad Lester, Running Back, Auburn

Lester is one of those low profile guys, who never got great numbers, despite having some ability. Lester would have to battle it out with Chauncey Washington or Alvin Peerman for the roster spot, but if he won it, he could maybe see some time; perhaps as a third down back. Lester is quite shifty and has pretty good straight line speed. 

Round 7: Greg Carr, Wide Receiver, Florida State

Now that Matt Jones and Reggie Williams are gone, The Jaguars could be in need of a taller wide receiver who could just work in the red zone. Carr does not have great speed or the ability to gain separation, but he does have that 6'6" height. Carr was very good at jump balls, especially his last season with Florida State, and has some ability to win jump balls down field as well. A low risk pick, who could turn into somewhat of a red zone specialist next year.


Well, thats my Jaguars mock. It does not fill all of the holes, but it meets BAP, and fills some of the Jaguars most pressing needs as well. Please write all comments, suggestions. The draft is only a short time away.









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