Trading down in the 1st round-The candidates

It is a little more then a week from now, and the moment of truth will come. After months of speculations and guesses we will all know who will join the Jaguars. In the recent months we talked a lot about prospects&scenarios. Maybe the best of them would be a trade down for more eytra picks. I have collected the 5 candidates, who might wanna call Gene Smith for a trade on April 25th. I gave each of them a percantage of chance. This is of course my opinion. And almost all of the scenarios are depend on at least 1 QB have still be aviable when the Jaguars pick (to name it: Mark Sanchez) Now let's see my candidates:

Denver:  Right now the leading candidate for a trade. They have 2 first round picks from the Cutler trade with Chicago. They can tagret Sanchez, if they feel that Kyle Orton is just a short time answer, for this year. Or they can target a big defensive guy, a DE like Orakpo, Maybin, Brown, or English or maybe their dream(?) DT B.J. Raji. No matter why they wanna move up, they will doing business with their #12 pick. And if they can make a deal with he Jaguars, then they can get the guy they wanted and only cost them about an 3rd rounder. Which they have an extra this year thanks to Chicago.

Possibility to trade with the Jaguars: 70%

Washington: Are you surprised by finding the Redskins here in my list? Well, think about it. Owner Dan Snyder was in the hunt for Jay Cutler but lost out to Chicago. Do you think this means he is satisfied with Jason Campbell? I don't.  If Sanchez is still aviable, then he should try call Gene Smith before the Jaguars pick. Plus he is not affraid to doing insane things. Just see his very latest move (100 million $ to Albert Haynesworth). Lost a 3rd rounder for a hot prospect like Mark Sanchez for an owner like Snyder is a no brainer!

Possibility to trade with the Jaguars: 35%

NY Jets:  When the draft talk started a couple of months ago, they were the ultimate trading partner. Why? They have no real QB at the moment. They were so desperate last year, to even traded for once retired Brett Favre. Of course it was not enough to reach the Playoffs, and that costed Eric Mangini to his job. Plus Favre is retired again, this time looks like for real. Now they have still no clear answer to that position( I wouldn't name Kellen Clemens to that). Plus they have a new head coach in Rex Ryan, and sometimes a new HC selects his franchise QB in his 1st draft. But the problem is with the Jets that they have very few draft choices left for this year, plus they say this year don't want to trade picks. They can have Josh Freeman at 17th still, but it is also a little bit risky. I think if they trade with the Jaguars somehow, they will give up draft picks from next year(possibly their 1st), and maybe 1 later round pick or a player.

Possibility to trade with the Jaguars: 20% (if they offer their 2010 1st rounder that percantage could rise around 35%)

Detroit: Another (maybe) suprise in my list, but I have reasons why i put them here. And that means not just because they have former Jaguars personnel boss James "Shack" Harris as their personnel executive. Yeah it seems, they will draft Matt Stafford with their 1st pick of the draft. But. What if, they decide to go for a left tackle first? To name it Eugene Monroe(if they select Jason Smith, that might be such a horrible selection like the Jaguars drafted Reggie Williams over Roetlishberger in 2004, selected by Shack... in my opinion.)? If so, they need a QB (I don't they will stick with Daunte Culpepper as a solution in QB). And then Sanchez would be an option for them. or if they draft Stafford, the need an LT to protect it. And if Andre Smith and Oher is still on board ther is another reason as well for trading up. But that is just more of a dream then reality. Anyway the Jaguars would love to offer their #8 for two 3rd round picks, and maybe a 6th rounder of the Lions in both cases. And there is Shack who can call his successor Gene Smith any time.

Possibility to trade with the Jaguars: (if they don't trade Stafford) 25%, (if they trade Stafford) below 5%

San Fransisco: Mike Singletary might have his QB in Shaun Hill, but if he is not fully confident in him, he might interested in Mark Sanchez. If he still on board, the 49ers can guess, that the Jaguars might try to shop  their 8th pick to any team who want to draft Sanchez. So they might interested in a trade. And because their will be a competition for the 8th spot, don't be fooled that he 49ers just 2 picks behind the Jaguars. They must offer their 3 round choice to get Sanchez from us.

Possibility to trade with the Jaguars: 25%

So here are my list. Here are the candidates. Because #8 is some kid of no man's land(it looks like nobody has the value for #8 kind of money), plus the Jaguars want extra picks to help the rebuilding phase not to mention, that they had not the best experiences to negotiate a #8 selected contract last year, it would be a great thing/dream to trade down in my opinion. On April 25th we will see, if that dream becoming a reality or not.

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