The Jaguars select Eugene Monroe, Left Tackle, Virginia

Need met value. That is all that needs to be said. Even after the Jets made a backhanded deal to get Sanchez, it didn't matter. Eugene Monroe fills a major need for the Jaguars and is a player worthy of the #8 pick.

If someone had told me a week ago Eugene Monroe would have fallen to the Jaguars, I would have thanked them for providing me with a good laugh. Now, he is the first tackle the Jaguars have selected in the first round since Tony Boselli.

Although Michael Crabtree was available, I believe Gene made the smart move in picking Monroe. Monroe has the potential to start at left tackle day one for the Jaguars and not leave until the 2020 Draft. If there was one player throughout the process I would have been ok with at #8, it was Monroe. I believe he is the best overall tackle in the draft and he doesn't come with the character concerns of Andre Smith. I had hopped on the Andre Smith bandwagon because I was convinced Monroe would not be available.

Monroe does have concerns with his knees that sent him down the draft board. However, I trust that Gene Smith has looked into that and cleared him.

Video Killed the Scouting Report



Eugene Monroe: By the Numbers

At A Glance
Position 1:  Left Tackle
Height:  6'5
Position 2:  Right Tackle
Weight: 309
Class:  Senior Age:  22
Projected Round: 1

 40time:  5.21


Monroe is a mountain of a human being. If his knees hold up, he is a rare player who can move as fluid as he does, as big as he is.

According to the Experts


Athletic, pass-protecting left tackle with a large degree of upside. Blocks with a wide base, good knee bend, and keeps his feet moving. Effectively fights with his hands, stays square and quick in his all-around game. Displays outstanding lateral blocking range, and easily slides out to protect the edge. Fluid moving on his feet, and shows skill blocking in motion. Stays square, keeps the defender in front of him, and shows the ability to handle quick, athletic defenders. Works well with teammates.


Not a dominant drive blocker who gets a lot of movement on running downs. Tries to outguess defenders and lets opponents slip past him on occasion. Susceptible to inside moves by defenders. Not considered a very aggressive or tough lineman.

Why is he a Jacksonville Jaguar

Monroe embodies everything Gene Smith has been saying he wants players to be. He isn't a player who is going to end up on Sportscenter for being involved in a night club shooting. He is a player who should end up making several trips to Hawaii because David Garrard will be the best kept QB in the NFL.

Where does this leave the Jaguars in the 2nd round? I still say if Max Unger or Alex Mack is available in the 2nd round, that will be the pick.


Per JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation who is covering the draft for SBN

I just got back from the Eugene Monroe press conference and he was asked if he was surprised that Jacksonville took him.

He said, "Yeah, the last time I talked the Jaguars was pro day. I had no idea they wanted me."



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