An Average Joe's Mock Draft: 2.0

What up guys? I've put together my second mock draft; I have a few surprises thrown in there as well. This one is definitely more unique.

Detroit Lions: Jason Smith-Offensive Tackle, Baylor

Stafford is there, but the Lions want to make the line great. With Gosder Cherilus on the right, if Smith can learn to run block, he will be a starter on the left from day one.

St. Louis Rams: Matthew Stafford-Quarterback, Georgia

The o-line is in shambles,  but The Rams can't believe the Lions passed on Stafford. As a result they take him and let him battle for the job with Mark Bulger, who could be in the twilight of his career.

Kansas City Chiefs: Eugene Monroe-Offensive Tackle, Virginia

Matt Cassel is in da house, and he needs some time to throw. Monroe can rebuild the o-line in Kansas City, and flourishes in his natural role as a pass blocker in Kansas City's spread attack. Cassel has all day to throw, just like the good ole' days in New England.

Seattle Seahawks: Mark Sanchez-Quarterback, Southern California

Yep, Sanchez gets taken by the Seahawks. He can learn for a year or two under Matt Hasselbeck. By 2011, Sanchez has the winning again.

Cleveland Browns: Brian Orakpo-DE/Linebacker, Texas

The Brownies need to develop a pass rush, and Orakpo is the guy to do it. Maybe a little high here, but Cleveland is in need of pressure. Carson Palmer is looking to redeem himself, Ben Roethlisberger has peaked and is playing great in the clutch, and Joe Flacco is no longer a wide eyed rookie.

Cincinnati Bengals: Aaron Curry-Linebacker, Wake Forest

The Bengals need defensive line help as well, but honestly that defense needs help everywhere. Curry is still on the board, and represents value as well as need; along with being the best defensive player in the draft.

Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree-Wide Receiver, Texas Tech

The Raiders have a speed element in their receivers with Johnnie Lee Higgins, but not a good hands element. Crabtree brings that to the table; giving JaMarcus Russell a reliable target to throw to on third down.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Darrius Heyward-Bey-Wide Receiver, Maryland

Yes, Heyward-Bey is top ten worthy. Combining size, speed, and pretty good hands, Heyward-Bey is what I believe Del Rio is speaking of when he talks of getting Garrard some weapons. Plus he learns how to run routes from Dennis Northcutt.

Green Bay Packers: Everette Brown-DE/Linebacker, Florida State

Brown is a bit of a tweener, and he might be better suited as a 3-4 outside backer. The Packers have a newly installed 3-4, and are short on rush linebackers. Brown gets the pass rush going again.

San Francisco 49ers: Andre Smith-Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Mike Singletary has said that if Andre Smith fell to #10, he would go no farther. Andre Smith upgrades that horrible o-line in San Fran, gives Frank Gore someone to run behind; and gives Alex Smith one more chance to prove he is not a complete bust.

Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher-Offensive Tackle, Mississippi

Bills have some holes on their defense, but Oher represents good value here. Maybe Trent Edwards can have time to throw to T.O., and the Bills can avoid the infamous T.O. vs. his quarterback battle.

Denver Broncos: B.J. Raji-Nose Tackle, Boston College

The Broncos are switching to the 3-4 as well, and Raji is vital to the success of their new scheme. 

Washington Redskins: Brian Cushing-Linebacker, Southern California

The Redskins need a new pass rusher as well to complement Albert Haynesworth, but they are desperate for a SAM(strongside) linebacker as well. Cushing can start day one and offer run stoppage and can drop into coverage as well.

New Orleans Saints: Clay Matthews-Linebacker, Southern California

The second USC backer is taken off of the board. The Saints may need some secondary help as well, but they need a Will(Weakside) backer to go alongside Jonathan Vilma. An instant upgrade, as now the backer lineup looks like Matthews, Vilma and Fujita.

Houston Texans: Vontae Davis-Cornerback, Illinois

If the Texans can get the secondary in shape, they will be a dangerous team in 2009. Davis needs to be taught to go all out on every play, but if he does, he could work himself into the #1 corner role, and shutdown that left side.

San Diego Chargers: Rey Maualuga-Linebacker, Southern California

The third USC backer is taken off the board, and shores up the Chargers defense. The Chargers do not want to get into as many shootouts next season, and Maualuga is the first step to that. However, he does need to prove in camp that he is a 3 down linebacker.

New York Jets: Josh Freeman-Quarterback, Kansas State

The Jets want to bring in another QB, and give themselves a four way competition in camp. While Freeman may not win it in his first year, by his third he should be on the brink of the Pro Bowl, that is if his career is not ruined by forcing him into action unready.

Denver Broncos(from Bears): Aaron Maybin- DE/Linebacker, Penn State

The Broncos are loving all of these picks. Now they need an elite pass rusher; Maybin is their guy. D.J. Williams and Spencer Larsen have the inside handled, and Maybin starts immediately if he can prove he is able to drop into coverage effectively.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Peria Jerry-Defensive Tackle, Mississippi

The Bucs want to get that defense great again, and they need inside d-line help. With Jerry, Bucs get a mature player who can man the inside and collapse the pocket for Gaines Adams.

Detroit Lions: James Laurinaitis-Linebacker, Ohio State

Ray Maualuga could also be chosen here, but Laurinaitis is more primed and ready to start. Laurinaitis is smart, good in every aspect of his game, and could be a great backer beside Ernie Sims and DE Grady Jackson.

Philadelphia Eagles: Knowshon Moreno-Running Back, Georgia

Moreno or Wells; they are both great options here. I think Wells is better but Moreno fits the Eagles West Coast system better. He could back up the injury prone Westbrook at first, and help Philly and McNabb put together one last run at a championship.

Minnesota Vikings: Jeremy Maclin-Wide Receiver, Missouri

The Vikings only needs are at quarterback and partly receiver. Instead of reaching on Nate Davis, they take Jeremy Maclin, who can compete with Bobby Wade for the job in the slot. Gives the run heavy scheme another burner along with Bernard Berrian to spread out the defense and give Peterson some running lanes.

New England Patriots: Chris "Beanie" Wells-Running Back, Ohio State

Wells can spell Fred Taylor at times in New England's backfield by committee approach. Fred carries the load, Beanie finishes the game. The Pats are lucky he fell this far.

Atlanta Falcons: Michael Johnson-Defensive End, Georgia Tech

The Falcons are a committed needs based drafting team. They really need a defensive end to go along with John Abraham. Johnson has it all, but he needs to get the mindset. At this point the only thing holding him back is between his ears.

Miami Dolphins: Kenny Britt-Wide Receiver, Rutgers

The Dolphins already have the speed element with Ted Ginn Jr., so they need a possession guy, and Britt is the right one for the job. Makes catches at the sticks and helps Chad Pennington across the middle.

Baltimore Ravens: Malcolm Jenkins-Cornerback, Ohio State

The Ravens lost Chris McCallister and Samari Rolle, meaning they need help at corner. Jenkins is a tough, physical player, which goes over well in the Ravens organized chaos scheme.

Indianapolis Colts: Evander "Ziggy" Hood-Defensive Tackle, Missouri

The Titans, Jaguars, and maybe Texans should have strong running games next year, and the Colts need to get big up front. This could be the first step in making an extremely undersized defense bigger.

Philadelphia Eagles: Eben Britton-Offensive Tackle, Arizona

Philadelphia's line is aging, and Tra Thomas is now in Jacksonville. Britton will probably play right tackle, but could possibly start from day one. The Eagles want one more run, and Britton could protect Mcnabb.

New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks-Wide Receiver, North Carolina

The Giants recently released Plaxico Burgess, and are in need of another possession receiver to move the sticks. Nicks comes in and gives Eli Manning another nice target that any team would love to have.

Tennessee Titans: Ron Brace-Defensive Tackle, Boston College

Big, run stuffing "partner in crime" of B.J. Raji. The two were deadly together, so Brace should be able to at least address Haynesworth leaving. While there is no way he will be able to completely fill the shoes of Heynesworth, he will make the Titans defense great at stopping the run again.

Arizona Cardinals: Donald Brown-Running Back, Connecticut

Edgerrin James has to be close to retiring, and Donald Brown can share time with Tim Hightower and J.J Arrington. Brown will probably win the starting job, as he offers tough inside running, but also has the big play ability that Hightower lacks.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Max Unger-Center/Guard, Oregon

The Steelers take Unger before Alex Mack because of Unger's great versatility. Unger can play all three inside line positions, and possibly right tackle. The Steelers found ways to win last season, winning the Super Bowl with arguably the worst offensive line in the league, but it won't work again. The Steelers find their identity again, and are able to run the football.

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