Why we could compete for the AFC crown

Well, I know that Garrard will go back to his normal form( 20tds less than 6 ints)

but the question will be if our guard play can dominate the other teams DT play. I know there has been talk that Britton will play guard which is a possibility but he has never played there. Vince Manuwai had a torn ACL last year and you never know how you will bounce back, especially a big guy. We are good at tackle with four legit players( thomas, pashos, britton, and monroe). Center with brad is solid.

Now, MJD should and hopefully come this year and rush for more than1600 yds and with jennings and jones giving him a short yard compliment, i think the run game is great.

Wideouts, this has been the question since jimmy left, we have a vet and a handfull of rookies that can produce later on. Williamson i think is gone because he cant catch. Northcut is decent but definantly not a starter. 

Tight ends this year are no more than average. Lewis can block, but i dont think he is polished as a reciever yet even though that was his best trait commin out of college. The rookie miller shows promise and maybe in a coulple of years, he can become a down field threat. 

The x factor this season will be the D line. Simply put, if we get sacks and stop the run, we win games. If they play like they did last year, well, you know.......

Linebackers are doin well, although i personally dont thinks that smith should be moved to outside again. Durant does not belong in the middle, he has more speed than smith and should play on the outside. Ingram can play, he just did not last year. His rookie year was great but watch out for him this year.

Corners i think will be good this year because mathis is mathis and williams can produce. If Cox can eventually get into that 2 spot, i think this could be a great secondary for years except for one question......

Can nelson get down and dirty with the big boys. Can he tackle, i have not seen it. Considine is somewhat proven but he played little last yeart and did not start a game. If considine can limit his mistakes i think he should do well.

I gotta get at least one paragraph to SP teams b/c they could win / lose games. Podlesh flat out sucks and did not produce last year. i remember that he got a punt for a whopping 20 yds last year. I think the reins( if you will) go to Weatherford. Scobee has a leg and the return game with Witherspoon is promising is he can hold on to the ball!!! Thomas can also return kicks though.


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