Who will stay, who will go Week 3 Edition

As of Week 3 these are people who will make the roster, make the practice squad (PS), or get cut. Remember this doesn't include the entire roster so when i say talk about 4 CBs who are in the midst of a position bsttle/fighting for game time, it doesn't mean they'll be the only CBs to make the team, just the ones who an immediate chance to impact the upcoming games. Enjoy.


QB Barring trade or anything of significant nature...

David Garrard {Starter}

Todd Bouman {#2 QB}

Todd Boeckman  {#3 QB or PS}

Paul Smith { Either #3 or PS}

I don't like Paul Smith, and i barely tolerate Bouman. Bouman can throw but he sails the ball too much on the longer passes. Paul Smith needs lot of coaching and help, he also keeps to add some accuracy and arm strength, I DID NOT at all like it when he threw an INT to give Philly that TD to make the game just a 2 point lead for us.


MJD {Starter}

Washington {#2 RB}

Greg Jones {In case of injury, #3 RB}

Vaughan {Without injuries, #3 RB maybe 3rd down back someitmes}

Jennings {PS, barring game of his life}


Greg Jones {Starter, Great Lead rush blocking, but should only be used in short yardage situactions}

Montell Owens {ST and will backup Greg}

Brock Bolen {Postive play warrants a PS spot, would make roster if it weren't for the "numbers game"}


Torry Holt {#1 WR}

Troy Williamson {#2 WR}

Mike Thomas {If he can overcome injury, #3 WR, if not he'll go to IR}

Nate Hughes {As long as he can stand and run (concussion) #3 WR}

Tiquan Underwood {#4 or #5 WR, willl see time in ST}

Jarret Dillard {#6 WR, if they don't keep 6 and he doesn't have an awesome Week 4 game, PS}

Sims-Walker {IR, to give his body a year of no injuries}

Torry has fuel in his tank (Check), Williamson has redeemed his career as of preseason (check), Nate Hughes will recieve spot based on plays and that revenge inspiring Concussion (Check), Tiquan will beat out Dillard because Tiquan is more valuable than Dillard and dillard needs to have a year of learning.

Line backers

Clint Ingram {Starting OLB}

Daryl Smith {Starting OLB}

Justin Durant {Starting MLB}

Russell Allen {First backup to Durant, will sub during games}

Tim Shaw {ST and will be a backup}

Brian Iwuh {Backup and ST contributor after strong consecutive preseasons}

The Williams will fight for PS or backup spot.


Rashean Mathis {Starter}

Derek Cox {Starter}

Brian Williams {Starter till Cox can play decently well/overcomes injury}

Tyron Brackenridge {ST, will be a Dime/Nickel back if there's a trade or injury}


These are my predictions, please comment if i leave out an obvious (if not obvious to me) player. I just pointed out people who are well known in the position battles. Thats the teal deal.

Thanks for reading, Have a blessed Tim Tebow Day,

C.E.C., TheTealDeal

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