Who's Vulnerable?


Well. First, the city of Jacksonville and its grip on the Jaguars, but that's neither here nor there.

More pertinent, your answer is....ESPN. Narrow sports coverage is really beginning to shred holes in their once prodigal ability to provide American males with genuine athletic entertainment. To experience this sandpaper-rough coverage, just switch the television to whatever two digit number lands you on their broadcast.

You'll probably hear/see updates and "in-depth" analysis of the following professional sports franchises/figures: Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Cowboys, Michael Vick, Brett Farve. In fact, if you hear anything other than that, please don't freak out. You still have ESPN, just take a breath, and all will revert to normal soon. They can't go 10 minutes without rehashing these same storylines with one of their bald, glassed men or some spikey-haired butch female. If I had the venture capital, I'd be starting a network to force this has-been sports network into the shadows. For reference on this matter, please see the once-cool MTV, and their slide into teenage anonymity.

As for the game, certainly the Jaguars looked well-coached and played a much tighter game tonight than in the previous fake games this season. Our personnel stood face-to-face with the Eagles and at times looked to be the tougher unit.

And it should be clear that roster spots exist for Brian Iwuh, Tyron Brackenridge, Jarret Dillard, Tiquan Underwood, Scott Starks and Chauncey Washington. If they were bubble-guys for you, make them cement guys. Also, many props are deserved by other players and once again, Josh Vaughan certainly does move the pile.

In closing, our season will depend on Garrard's feel for the pocket and his ability to control those idiotic, repeat sideline throws that DB's thirst for. Troy Williamson and Tory Holt are getting open. So, the offensive line needs to do their part, and if David comes through, we'll have more quality completions than last year.

Atta' Boy's also go to: Reggie Hayward, Russell Allen, Quentin Groves, Derrick Harvey, MJD and Rashean Mathis.

In summary, I hope the unity and focus continues. It showed tonight. But the O-line needs to improve, as without a doubt, it is currently our team's largest hindrance to advancement.

Finally, ESPN is less than stellar. In fact, it sucks. But, face it, when you've got Park Place and Boardwalk, they don't call you Rich Uncle Pennybags for nothing.

Go Jags. Spit in the camera and kick some ass. AFC South here we come!

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