Initial Thoughts – Jags and Colts... WE WERE IN THIS GAME!

Someone write a good game summary please, I am confused. Maybe after I look over my notes and think about it I can come up with a good analysis. Right now I came away more confused than anything.

Here is what confused me most - WE ALMOST WON THIS GAME!!!.

We could have WON THIS GAME!!!

We were a two point conversion away from sending this game into OVERTIME!

We give the Colts 8 more minutes of possession; they run 70 offensive plays to our 55 offensive plays. Peyton Manning throws for 300 yards, and the defense gives up 365 total yards and WE WERE STILL IN THE GAME! The Colts went left, went right, went up the middle and only produced 14 points. I'm confused, is this a good defense or not?

I am not confused by Justin Durant. He played a pro-bowl game today. Run to the left, Durant makes the stop, run to the right, Durant makes the stop. The decision to make him the middle linebacker was correct. In fact, I thought the linebackers played great, Daryl Smith included.


I am confused by our play selection. Maurice Jones Drew up the middle. Maurice Jones Drew up the middle. Maurice Jones Drew off left tackle. Delayed handoff to Maurice Jones Drew. When they said he was an every down back I guess they were serious.

The problem I think was Eugene Monroe having a rookie day against a pro-bowl Defensive End. Well, Eben Britton faced the same challenge and actually held on better. I don't believe Eugene Monroe beat out Tra Thomas for the job and the decision to start him needs to be reconsidered, in my opinion. But, maybe this is the learning curve he needs to climb. Hey, I just watch, David is the one who feels it.

That confused me too. David was on the run for his life today and took one sack. ONE SACK! The Jaguars couldn't hold people off of David and yet they produced drive after drive. David could not feel safe in the pocket today and that caused the passing game to be pulled back. If we didn't run it, we threw short and then ran it. This will need to be fixed. And yet, with all of these limitations WE WERE STILL IN THE GAME! We managed a meager 228 yards and... (we were still in the game)

Derek Cox got beat, we all knew he would, but I still say he had a good game. I like him a lot and think by week 6 he will be even better. Sean Considine, if he could catch the ball, would have had a huge day. REGGIE, REGGIE, you had a fantastic first half, showing up and making hits, but he got you again. Peyton in the huddle, "bait Reggie on two break". I actually think the tackling and swarming was a lot better this year.

What are my initial thoughts? It is what we all thought, a young team with key positions filled by rookies. Will they get better? I think that is what coaches are there to help do. How did they do today? I don't know, you tell me, I'm confused.

- Terry O'Brien

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