Jacksonville, can it become a big sports city?

Jacksonville has a lot of potential.  We have the largest land area of any city in the US.   We have terrific beaches,  education, and a lot of good people here. But thats just my opinion,  here are both sides of the story.

1. Yes we can!

Jacksonville is a major football city.  The South is known for their never ending hunger for football (usually college).  We just need to translate it into ticket sales.  Most colleges around here sell out before the season starts. The Jaguars can do that too,  we just need to generate the same amount of devotion college fans give their teams.

 We also have a great city to play in.  Jacksonville is sunny and inviting.  Florida is known for its beaches and great weather.  The St. Johns River runs right next to the stadium,  which gives you a great view and provides a lot of jobs and entertainment.  It might not be the cleanest River in the world,  but i have been on it many times,  and it is great to swim in and stays moderately cool in the summer.

We also have the ability to grow.  Jacksonville can expand.  We are a reletively young city in terms of growth and professional sports.  15 years isn't a very long time for a pro sports team.  Many of our young fans are just beginning to grow up.  The economy is also hurting our ticket sales.  I personally know a few families that have sold their season tickets,  and im sure its happening in other places.

2.  Nope, they are gonna leave

College football has way too much influence around Jacksonville.  We just can't build up a fan base large enough to fill up our stadium and compete with college teams.  Eventually were going to keep losing tickets untill the team moves to another city.   Jacksonville is surrounded by prominent college teams, and we can't beat them all.

Jacksonville can't grow fast enough.  The team will have to leave before we can gain enough fans to keep us here.  The economy just won't bounce back fast enough to allow people to get tickets.  This is a race against time,  and so far the Jaguars are losing.  Jacksonville will need to step up, or find help to sell their tickets and stay in this city.

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