Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Live Blog/Open Thread

Arizona Cardinals (0-1)
Week #2
Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)




Date: September 20th, 2009
Location: Jacksonville,FL
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Stadium: "The Jack"
Favorite: Jaguars -3.5
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 43
87 w/moderate chance of thunderstorms
Injury Report:
Click Here
SBN Coverage: Revenge of the Birds Coverage Map
Click Here



Jaguars Inactives: Brian Witherspoon, Kynan Forney, Jordan Black, Mike Thomas, Zach Miller, Jarett Dillard, Jeremy Navarre, Montavious Stanley.  Once again, Thomas and Dillard are out, very very strange.

Welcome to the Home Opener:

The best part about gameday is that you almost forget the previous week's game  Here we are, two hours away from kickoff and I'm completely refreshed and pumped for the days action.  Indianapolis is behind us, all eyes are forward on the Jaguars/Cardinals matchup.  Let's look at some of the burning questions.

1. Is the Jaguars 3-4 defense for real?  With Reggie Hayward out for the year, the Jacksonville Jaguars are forced to adopt the 3-4 that they experimented with during the preseason.  Reggie, for good reason, was the key player in keeping the Jaguars in a 4-3, with his absence the Jaguars go full time to the new defensive front.  Quentin Groves and Derrick Harvey will serve as outside linebackers, John Henderson becomes a defensive end, along with Atiyyah Ellison (HT to Michael Wright at the Times Union for finding that out), and Terrance Knighton holds the point at nose tackle. 

Now, what hurts the Jaguars is that their stellar trio of linebackers, Durrant, Ingram, and Smith are restricted to (generally) only having two of them on the field at a time.  Will this work?  Will the Jaguars develop a new defensive identity?  Is there anything stranger than thinking about John Henderson playing defensive end?

2.  Can the Jaguars secondary stop Larry and Anquan?   Derek Cox had a mixed day against Reggie Wayne, this week he'll probably see the best receiving duo on the league, rough way to open the season.  Reggie Nelson and Sean Considine had moments of greatness followed by lapses of judgement, will that unit tighten up?

3. Will the story of the game be a Jaguars win or a blackout?  Sadly, I think at the end of this game, the story will be the blackout, not the outcome.

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Consider this the first open thread for the game.


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