The Positives

 There's alot to say about a team that goes 0-2. One could say, They just plain suck and that they should be in for a long long year. Me, i say they have a future ahead of them and most likely some pretty good draft picks in store. one team that has become 0-2 is our beloved, Jacksonville Jaguars.

 The positives that we can take from the game against the Cardinals:

1. Maurice Jones Drew is a play-maker who can deliver and be counted on being a stud. All he needs is a running back to keep him fresh. He is the Man.

2. Mike Sims-Walker can be a starting WR and I think the future will vindicate this statement. With no motivation to win the Jaguars threw it to him and he scored a TD. He once was blind, leading the blind, but now I think he cna see clearly now that the injuries are behind him. Lets not jinx this potential.

3. Since the majority of fans know what this season will be like, maybe we can all learn how to be fans when this team struggles and then be able to reap the rewards when it prevails. Remember, a decade ago we were THE TEAM. Have Faith, Children of Jacksonville, Ascension will be for the believers. Ha, excuse my Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars reference.

4. Defensive Rookies- Terrence Knighton and Derek Cox will be contributors to this defense for years to come. Derek will learn quickly because of the talent he plays against. There's no sissies when you are the #2 CB. Terrence will find out that you don't need to sack the quarterback to make them punt, but that you must pressure them to make mistakes. Terrence has a bright future. The Future is bright for these young rookies, they will not be busts.

5. Our Offensive roster spot rookies, Monroe, Britton, Dillard, and Thomas will learn. For every mistake they become better. Let them learn when it matters less than when it matter more. Be patient with the WRs, they don't have the QB they are used to. It takes time to learn how to play in the NFL, but when they mature, they will thrive.

I ask for compliance. Support the Jaguars now, reap the rewards later. A Superbowl win does not come from coaching, or just mere plays alone. It comes from players which in the upcoming years will make the plays better. The coaches are teachers and their students the younger players. What we fail to do during the Draft, we gain through UDFA's. Be as optimistic as you want but be faithful, its football after all.

This is the Teal Deal.

-C.E.C., TheTealDeal

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