How the Redskins fans viewed the game

This is an out-take from the Hogs Haven web site game thread.  They are the funniest people watching a game.  Go over and visit, it was hilarious.  - Terry

That was pathetic tackling

awful awful tackling

please put the 1 string out

preseason game yet regular season anger


just remember what awaits in the next 2 weeks

The New York Giants.

vomits in lap


Our Secondary looks LOST!!


that's why

they’ll need a ride to the bus stop



once again

no one wants to be on this team huh? only saw ONE good play made, and that was from our SUPPLEMENTAL pick

Can you cut someone mid-game?



It’s called “Go into the locker room, change, and leave your playbook”

you should be able to

Based on the way they’re playing. Do they already know that they’re not making the team and just don’t give a damn?

 They may not be playing for a job on the 53 in week 1 for the Redskins....

But some of these guys are trying for a spot on the Practice Squad or on another teams 53, or as a midseason pickup.

I can't tell that they are because they look like crap so far

there's the height problem

Why did MM run right into WIlliams

the biggest guy on the field?


plaxin' ourselves again i see

3rd straight three-and-out for Chase

not for lack of trying on his part though

you sound like his dad!

i thought you knew...


if Jacksonville’s starters come back out, they oughtta put Colt out there

At least Colt was good for more than one game

We look soft and sloppy

another great Sugar's mom joke i can't jump on

I laid it up there for you to knock it out of the park

It's not nice to make fun of your mother in law


playing like HE’s tryin to make the team

thank jebus SOMEBODY is

It's almost life he can't HEAR the call... oh wait.

Reed long ago made this team

Reed is the #3 Safety, and is good enough to be a starter.


left that lane wide open

Is Theisman

calling him Reed Dorty, or Reed Dirty?


Either way Theisman is making himself sound like an idiot

so what's new?

And he's still better than Marv "I feel pretty, oh so pretty" Albert 

barnes lost again

Is Barnes

PLAYING in this game?

He must be playing because he can't be serious

Barnes bought one of Snyder's Dreamseats on the field.

I thought the “on the field” tickets were all bought by brokers.

His PLAY is broken

Swiss chese

Theisman asks and answers his own questions

all night long


are you JUST noticing this? I don’t know why they put anyone else in the booth


He's a legend

in his own mind.


We may lose

by triple digits


we're getting our shit pushed in..for lack of better termanolgy

This should be the title of our recap story tomorrow

Where is the pick six when we need it?

BTW, I hate the term “pick six”.

Well if you hate it, you probably shouldn't have used it

I hate writing “interception returned for a touchdown” even more.

do you hate

writing things that you hate writing?

yes, but...

hate is such a strong word. how about “do not enjoy”?


I would... I think

Westbrook may as well go sit next to Alridge


all of them need to

I love how the kickers got some action

They should tickle fight to see who wins the spot


I think they should take turns

kicking AT our secondary


How about taking turns just KICKING our secondary.

Might get them woken up.


They should take turns kicking our 2nd string secondary in the balls

Whoever kicks a testicle the furthest wins the battle. It makes sense to me.


3 and out stats

Jags 3 and outs: 1 on 6 drives
Skins 3 and outs: 3 on 4 drives (5th drive was negated thanks to Alridge)


So the only time we moved the ball was when JC was in?

And I guess when the team went to the crapper?


you are correct


Chase got none. He did scramble for 1 but it was called back w/ that penalty

when do we see

the one on one interview between Matich and Blache


Is the current ticket scandal tainting the way you hear the team's commercials?

I just get angry when I hear Larry Michael say, “Show everyone your true colors.” Because they showed their true colors during this whole debacle.



Larry Michael in general makes me want to punch something



if you look real hard, you can see the puppet strings attached to him


Yeah but it's hard for me to hate someone that is a Redskins homer

No he's a complete tool bag



He’s a Redskins tool bag homer announcer person


that ignores anything remotely controversal




Two words



Followed by his sig call

Touchdown Washington Redskins!



what’s wrong with having a little self esteem?


Why is

Antonio Freeman talking in DC? Green Bay didn’t want him?


I think he's from the area... I think they said Baltimore


Went to VaTech too.



didn’t know that. Still, I’d think he was more popular in Wisconsin


Yea but would you rather live in the DC area or in Green Bay?


depends on what you like more

civilization, or corn


or some good cheese

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