Jaguars trade for QB!!!!!!!!!



The Jaguars this evening completed a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for quarterback Luke McCown. The trade is for an undisclosed draft pick, and is contingent upon McCown passing a physical examination.

McCown, 6-3 and 217 pounds, is entering his sixth season in the NFL. The 28-year-old former Louisiana Tech quarterback has been with Tampa Bay for the past four seasons. He has played in 12 career games with seven starts.

So what do you think of this move? What draft pick was it? How will he play, if he plays at all? Post/Comment/Talk!!


UPDATE-What experts say/said about Luke McCown-Update

 McCown (6-3, 217) completed 10-of-17 (58.8 percent) passes for 70 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. McCown's quarterback rating is 107.5. McCown also has run three times for 12 yards (in the preseason).- From

 Best Buccaneer in a Leading Role: Luke McCown, backup quarterback – Considering McCown played against the Jaguars’ starting defense, he played extremely well. His stats (6/9, 51 passing yards, 2 touchdowns) don’t paint the full picture. - From

Luke McCown

This is his opportunity. The job is his, if the six-year veteran can keep it.

The signature moment McCown (6-foot-3, 212) is most remembered for is his baffling scramble in New Orleans a few years ago, where he had no awareness he was in the end zone, about to take a sack in the fourth quarter of a close division game he later helped the Bucs rally to win.

In training camp the other day, McCown was back to pass, and inexplicably dropped the ball, a play that typifies the uncertainty of what the Buccaneers could be getting from McCown, because of his unpredictable, sometimes erratic decision- making. On the plus side, McCown has the arm strength to throw the ball downfield and the mobility to scramble out of trouble for good yardage.


“We’ll see how he responds this preseason and see his development from last year to this year.”

- From

Comment: McCown is a good-sized quarterback with above-average speed, athleticism and body control for the position. He is a right-handed passer who has an above-average arm. He has a tendency to rely on his arm more than he should rather than getting his weight transferred and stepping into his throws. He can step up into the pocket to buy some time, but is not a great scrambler. He does not show a great feel for the pass rush and tends to hold on to the ball too long. His accuracy can be inconsistent, especially when he gets flushed out of the pocket, and he will force some passes. While McCown has shown the ability to step in and manage a team for a game, or two, he appears to be too limited with his passing skills to be looked at as a starter.


And thats what the experts say!


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