Scouting the North and South Team (Day 2)

This is my first scout post on here. I hope I did well and everyone enjoys it.



QB) Tony Pike (Cincinnati)- continued his struggles on Tuesday. Had trouble throwing the deep-outs. However, Jacoby ford was able to make an acrobatic catch and bring one in, that was way over his head.


QB) Sean Canfield (Oregon State)- has worked more under center then the other two QB’s. However, they did not show much of him at practice.


QB) Dan Lefevour- (Central Michigan) has looked the best of all three QB’s. He made a nice pass on a bee-line deep post to WR Demario Alexander (Missouri)


RB) They didn’t show a whole lot of the RB’s. What they did show, was how well the RB’s could block a LB coming in. The only one that did well enough worth mentioning was Joique Bell (Wayne State; DI AA player of the year)

Legarrette Blount (Oregon), Rashawn Jackson (Virginia), Lonyae Miller (FS)- all struggled at this drill.


WR) Mardy Gilyard (Cincinnati)- has looked sick here. He was badly beaten the Jams and got great separation.


Jacoby Ford (Clemson)- has looked and been able to make the acrobatic catches, however his size put him at a disadvantage against a towering DB.

Taylor Price (Ohio)- seems to look confused at time on how to run a route. On an out route, I noticed he turned the wrong way and lost his footing. (Imagine that)


TE) Ed Dickson (Oregon)- looked good, displayed nice hands and crisp routes.

Mike Hoomanawanui (Illinois)- looked big and physical, was still able to make the catch with the LB draped all over him.


OL) Mike Iupati (G-Idaho)- Looked like a men amongst boys at the RG position. They tried him at LT, and it failed miserably. He looked uncomfortable having to move his feet that much in space. DE Alex Carrington (Arkansas State) beat Iupati both times Iupati was at Tackle. Also, DE Tyson Alualu (CAL) threw Iupati to the ground when Iupati was at tackle as well. This Tyson kid looked impressive, showing great strength.


Zane Beadles (T-Utah)- Looked like gabage (with no ‘r’.) DE Alex Carrington (Arkansas State) bull rushed him TWICE and drove him straight back. Also, DE Brandon Graham (Michigan) owned him and beat him both times to the outside.


Vladimir Ducasse (T-UMASS)- is best suited at RT. Brandon Graham (DE/OLB-Michigan) beat him once to the inside, with a swim move. The next one, Ducasse owned Brandon. 1-1. DE D’anthony Smith (LA TECH; Keep an eye on this kid)- beat Ducasse both times Ducasse was at G. Ducasse had no power step, looked like he was almost trying to play Tackle at the G position. Smith showed a nice inside move and beat Ducasse both times.


Shawn Lauvao (G-ASU)- showed great technique when Jerrod Odrick (DT-Penn State) tried a swim and spin move on Lauvao, and was able to sustain his ground. Lauvao won both.


Eric Olsen (C-ND)- Olsen is having nightmares after Mike Deal (DT-Purdue) bull rushed him straight back both times into the QB. 2-0 Neal. DT Cam Thomas bull-rushed Olsen and olsen gave up a little ground, but did a decent job. Next one, Cam owned Eric with a great spin move.


Matt Tennant (C-BC; My favorite OL men)- came off the ball and lunged at DT Cam Thomas (North Carolina) and Cam hit a swim move on him, however Matt was able to re-cover and after giving up a little ground, and won the battle. 2-0 Tennant. DE Tyson (CAL) killed Tennant (who was at guard) with a swim move, however the next time Tyson tried to bull-rush, and had no success. 1-1.


Ed Wang (T-VT)- Wang was slow off the ball and did not display good technique and balance. DE Austin Lane (Murray State) had good explosion, and got around Wang with an inside move AND then the next one, he straight up bull rushed Wang. Lane 2-0


Sam Young (T-ND)- was VERY impressive. Looks raw, but has great strength. Manhandled DE Tyson (CAL) both times and won both.  



CB’s) Syd’Quan Thompson (CB-CAL) struggled on the deep routes with the WR’s, however owned any WR running a short route.


Kyle Wilson (CB-Boise State) blanketed and owend any WR that lined up against him.


Brandon Ghee (CB-Wake Forrest) ran with every WR and showed great awareness.




Tim Tebow (UF) the cameras were focused on him for half the practice. Didn’t get to see to much of WR’s OR RB’s. Tebow is still working and looking better at dropping back in the 5 and 7 step drop. (Of course, still awful mechanics and still pushes the ball) But, had a much better day today. Looked good on the few bootlegs he did, hitting the WR’s in stride.


Zach Robinson (OK ST)- In my opinion looked the best. Got the ball out of his hands quick, and looked more confortable in the 5 and 7 step drops then any other QB.


Jarrette Brown (WV)- Um… Pat White but fatter anyone? They didn’t show much of him, at all.



Shay Hodge (Ole Miss)- looked very impressive. Was able to get separation and make nice catches. Turned a few heads.


Dexter Mccluster (Ole Miss) stole the show as he played some WR and RB. At WR did a stop and go route and left Javier Arenas in quicksand. Mccluster also laid-out and caught a pass from the Messiah (Aka, Tim).


Riley Cooper (UF)- looked good today. Struggled at times with the Jam, but was still able to make the catch. Had a few drops, but nothing big.


Joe Webb (UAB; transitioning from QB)- is big and physical. DB’s are having a hard time covering his big frame. Keep an eye on him, will be interesting.



Geno Atkins (DT-Georgia) Owned Mitch Petrus (G-Arkansas) who reached for geno, and geno showed his speed and got around him. 2-0 Geno


Brandon Lang (DE Troy) vs. Ciron Black (T-LSU)- Black owned Lang on both of these. Lang only bull-rushed, nothing special. Ciron 2-0


Antonio Coleman (DE Auburn)- vs. Chris Scott (T- Tennessee)- Antonio had a nice inside move, and one the first one. Scott recovered and won round 2. 1-1


Dan Williams (DT- Tenn) vs. John Jerry (RG- Ole Miss) Jerry looked VERY impressive and owned Dan on both tries. Dan had nothing special and only displayed his bull-rush, which got him no where with Jerry.  (Keep an eye on Jerry, he will shoot up draft boards) Jerry 2-0


Fat Cody (NT-ALA) vs. J.D. Walton (C-Baylor)- Will all 370 lbs going forward in one on one against Walton, its safe to say that cody won both, easily. Cody 2-0


Jeff Owens (DT-Georgia) vs. Jeff Byers (G-USC)- Byers owned ownes on both drills and even pan caked him on the last one. Byers looks good as well. Byers 2-0





Also, Jags had a formal interview with Geno Atkins and LeGarrette Blount.

Jags also worked a little with J.D Walton (Center from Baylor)

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