Kterr's 2009 Season Awards

Hey guys, heres a look at my 2009 Jaguars Season Awards...feel free to disagree or agree, I may have missed something or you guys might have a different opinion but heres my take on the 2009 season:

MVP: Maurice Jones-Drew

MJD was easily the best player on this Jaguars team this season. MJD is the first Jaguar to make the Pro Bowl outright since the 2007 Pro Bowl when John Henderson and Rashean Mathis were voted in (Fred Taylor was an alternate in 2008). Jones-Drew silenced his critics who claimed he could not handle the load as the feature back with 1391 rushing yards, 15 rushing touchdowns, 53 receptions, 374 recieving yards and 1 recieving touchdown. MJD proved this season that he is the face of the Jaguars organization and will be a star in the NFL for years to come.

LVP: Reggie Nelson

Nelson, who was a former first round pick, was easily the scape goat for the Jaguars woefully pass defense this season and rightfully so. The Jaguars had the 27th ranked pass defense in the league going into week 17 and Nelson was one of the main reasons the Jaguars are ranked so low. Nelson's inability to make plays and knack for getting beat deep was highlighted in many of the Jaguars biggest games, such as against the Colts in week 15. Nelson who lost his starting job after week 15 is expected to be cut or traded in the offseason or at least is going to be fighting for a roster spot.

Rookie of the Year: Mike Thomas and Terrance Knighton (tie).

Going into the 2009 season most expected first and second
round picks Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton to shine, which they did on occasion but it was the Jaguars 3rd and 4th round picks that stole the spotlight this season. Mike Thomas was easily the Jaguars best Offensive rookie setting a new franchise record for catches by a rookie in a season with 48, along with 453 recieving yards, a TD, and becoming a dominant returner for our Special Teams. Thomas who didnt even play the first 2 games made his impact on the Jaguars offense quickly and settled nicely into the Jaguars 3rd reciever spot behind MSW and Holt. Terrance Knighton also shined in his rookie season. Before the season started the Jaguars looked to have a terrible DL with no capable DT to play alongside Henderson. Knighton, the Jaguars 3rd rounder, stepped up to the plate and solidified himself as a starter and held his own and then some all season long. He ended the season with 45 tackles, 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble and will hopefully, like Thomas, be a quality starter for years to come.

Most Overrated: Reggie Nelson

(see above)

Most Underrated: Torry Holt

Now before everyone screams that he is not underrated let me explain. Holt in my personal opinion was the reason that our recievers are no longer a joke in the NFL. Though Holt is a future Hall of Famer, most of us, including myself often overlooked Holt this season at times because of the play of Mike Sims-Walker but in all honesty, it was Holt's presence that allowed both MSW and Mike Thomas to flourish. Before Holts arrival defenses could double coverage our best receiver which would immediately shut down their production but with Holt's arrival defenses now had two quality receivers to guard which
then allowed Mike Sims-Walker to take on single coverage more often. Holt also acted as a mentor to the young receivers. In many games Holt was seen talking and instructing the rookie receivers trying to polish their games and based on Thomas's and Dillard's (before his injury) performances, his impact was huge. Overall I think that Holt's skill, leadership and presence was often overlooked this season and in my opinion he can be credited with the vast improvement in our receivers.

Most Improved: Mike Sims-Walker

MSW was pretty much a given for this category. His 63 receptions, 869 yards, and 7 TD's were
a vast improvement from his first two seasons where he was mostly injured. In 2008 and 2007 combined he only had 217 yards receiving and 9 games played. In 2009 MSW played 15 games and finally grew into the #1 receiver us fans had always hoped he would become.

Best Performace: MJD in Week 8 vs. Titans.

Normally I would pick a performace that came in a win but MJD's performance vs.
the loss to the Titans in Week 8 was nuts. MJD had only 8 carries the whole game, but posted an average of 22 yards per carry, a total of 177 rushing yards, 2 TD's, and runs of 80 and 79 yards. I know there were other amazing performances that took place in wins but MJD's insane runs in this game has been imprinted in my memory all season.

Worst Performace: Reggie Nelson vs. Colts in Week 15 and Josh Scobee vs. 49ers in Week 12.

Not trying to beat a dead horse but Nelson's performance vs. the Colts was dreadful and his lapse on the deep pass to Reggie Wayne at the end of the game cost the Jaguars the chance to beat the Colts and get better position to make the playoffs. Scobee's performance vs the 49ers also has to seen as one of the worst showings of the season. Scobee went 1 for 3, making only a 32 yarder but will be forever remembered for missing a 21 yarder which was a crucial 4th quarter mistake that cost the Jaguars a chance to get back in the game. Scobee's 21 yard miss tied Tynes (Giants) for shortest missed FG in the league this season.

Best Game: Jaguars 37, Titans 17 in Week 4.

Coming off of a big win a Houston, the Jaguars destroyed the Titans at home. The Jaguars were able to basically score at will and the only reason the Titans scored 17 was due to garbage time points. For every Jaguars fan this was easily the most entertaining to watch and even better it put the Titans in a 0-4 hole.

Worst Game: Jaguars 0, Seahawks 41

....41 to zip, nuff said

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