Socrates in a state of Reflection


To truly begin a new year, one must take a small look back. I googled quotes about reflections and the one your about to read, I feel, fits the state of the Jaguars franchise. Look for others if you want, it could lead to an interesting discussion.

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."- Peter F. Drucker (American Educator/Writer).

I have never heard of Mr. Drucker but this quote is perfect. I know of no one that could look at GM Gene Smith's 2009 Draft Class and not call it effective. Most Jaguars fans would probably lobby for it to be considered best in the league. It doesn't take too much reflection to determine that this franchise is once again headed toward a series of serious playoff runs, possibly ending in the ultimate football glory, the Super Bowl.

To the staff here:

I haven't been reading everything on here lately, but I do try to get on every day. So to catch up with everyone: Jon-congrats on the promotion, Adam--congrats on being a writer, Terry-sad to see you go, expect many e-mails during the off-season, Colin-hope you're enjoying yourself on whichever island you decided to show how to party, Zoltan (you're staff)-good job holding down the fort over in Hungary and BWFull- we've never exchanged ideas, but I like you're quick-cut writing style. Its informative and makes me feel like I accomplished a lot of reading. In fact, I'm about to borrow that style.

Here's some thoughts (please play along):

I'm impressed with...

Gene Smith and the draft class (easy but it couldn't go unmentioned)

Pro Bowl voters for noticing Maurice Jones-Drew and getting Montell Owens the first-alternate on Sp Teams

Jones-Drew for giving Jaguars fans a true picture of the term "workhorse". (312 carries with a 4.5 avg is flat-out amazing. 15 rush td's is flat-out amazing and an added 53 catches with 1 td is, you guessed it, flat-out amazing)

The coaching staff for "moving on" at safety

Tyron Brackenridge

Russel Allen-Clint Ingram can leave thanks to this UDFA

Zach Miller's two TD's against the Browns

Mike Sims-Walker's season.

Troy Williamson's pre-season. I really believe in him as a football player.

Brock Bolen- Unfortunately, he seemed good enough to use as the primary FB. Greg Jones might now be trade bait.

Mel Tucker for having the D ready enough to stop Peyton week 1

Justin Durant and Darryl Smith for their consistent play all year- it was refreshing to see

Eugene Monroe shutting down Dwight Freeney-I mean "WOW!"

Uche Nwaneri being good enough (arguably) to cut Mo Williams

Mike Thomas for being so versatile

Marcedes Lewis' development. Did he drop anything at all? He also led the league in YPC for TE's

Derek Cox for leading the team in takeaways (99% sure thats right)

The last play of the season-Garrard to Zach Miller(time) for a TD. What a way to go out (when you know you'll lose). I saw a genuine smile on Garrards face as he walked off. They knew it was over and scored anyway. That says a lot.

and David Garrard for being so tough. We can argue about play all we want but the toughness is top of the league. CBS put up a stat-Garrard was hit 118 times this year. That stat was put up after he was hit at the beginning of the game... two years running for him and he didn't miss a game-truly a "Gridiron Warrior"

I'm hopeful for....

Another great draft class. GM Gene mentioned that he would find a way to get our second round pick back. Well, we have the 10th overall pick and a trade down is always an option. We have some trade bait-Big John. We have some dead weight-Reggie Nelson. So, this should be a fun off-season with plenty of excitement over the draft.

Consistency to be shown. With line development on both sides of the ball, this is bound to happen.

The first win abroad by the franchise (unless i missed something huge). We get a home game against the Redskins in London. I realize that this is to lighten the home ticket load, but WOW! What an opportunity! We will get more fans, regardless. And we get to play a terrible team...well, thats just great. I hope they let Campbell go, so it will be easier.

A safety. 

The firing of....Ted Monachino. (Thanks to Colin for teaching me about that failed hiring)

Competitive football in December, 2010. It happened this year of all years, so why not next year.

More effective action. After this small (quiet) reflection and the bit that GM Gene will surely have, I expect more effective action from the team. Gene will surely be prepared and am excitedly waiting on it to happen.

Sorry if it was long, but when I get talking football, I talk too long.

Enjoy the off-season, BCC!

-Brandon Clark

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