Early Season Team MVP

After 5 games the Jaguars stand at 3-2 which I think all Jaguars fans are satisfied with considering the level of competition that they have faced in these games. At this point last season I think all of us would agree that Maurice Jones-Drew was our team MVP. This year though I think the race for Team MVP is a little more cluttered and I think that there are a lot of players who might deserve this title. Again this is only Week 5, but for fun lets take a look:

Aaron Kampman: There is no doubt that AK is one of the main reasons why the Jaguars Defense line has come alive in the first 5 weeks. The Jaguars defense has 11 sacks already this season (Tied for 8th in the league) and Kampman has 3 of those. Not only has he added sacks, but his presence alone has made defenses double him, allowing others like Alualu and Knighton to get to the QB. Overall Kampman has provided a huge spark to a once lifeless defensive unit.

2010 Stats: 15 tackles, 3 Sacks and 2 Pass Defenses (Plus numerous QB hurries which are not counted)


Josh Scobee: To say that Scobee has been having the best season of his career is probably an understatement. So far this season he has connected on 10/10 FGs and 11 Extra Points. Of those 10 FG's only one was under 40 yards and 2 were 50 yards plus (with 2 more being from 49). Hes had a 5 FG game vs Buffalo and who can forget the 59-yarder that won the game against the Colts. Overall Scobee has been as perfect a kicker as can be and is responsible for 41 points already this season. Wow.

2010 Stats: 10/10 FGs ( 1-1 30-39, 7-7 40-49, 2-2 50-59) , 11 Extra Points



Marcedes Lewis: Here is another player most fans have never heard of, but should have. Lewis has been having a monster season at TE for the Jaguars. He has become David Garrard's favorite endzone target, amassing 5 touchdown catches  this season which already broke the single-season TD reception record for a TE. With 11 more games to go he still has a good shot to break Reggie Williams overall single-season TE record. Lewis who is in his contract year has been playing lights out both as a receiver and blocker and should also be considered for Team MVP.

2010 Stats: 16 Receptions, 192 yards, 5 TD's

Daryl Smith: Smith is one of those players that you never have to worry about. He is mister consistency with 70 and 107 tackles in the past two seasons respectively. Smith has also had a great start to this season, already being named Defense Player of the Week after his week 1 play. Smith has been solid at LB and even though his stats have been slowly declining since week 1, this could be attributed to offenses simply trying to avoid him. He helped seal the Jaguars win in week 1 with his timely INT. He is dominant in pass and run defense and our linebackers would be seriously worse without him. 

2010 Stats: 27 total tackles (24 solo, 3 assist), 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 FF, and 1 Pass Defense

Maurice Jones-Drew: MJD is not having as monster of a season as we had hoped but he is still having an excellent season. He is averaging about 80 yards a game and even though he hasn't been in the end zone that much he has been doing everything the Jaguars need of him to help the team win. The only people who should be disappointed with MJD is fantasy owners, but you know what fantasy doesn't matter, wins do. MJD is still one of the elite backs in this league ranking tied for 6th in rushing yards even while battling nagging injuries. Overall I think MJD is having a great season considering teams are stacking the box against him and he has been doing everything we need him to do to win.

2010 Stats: 102 carries for 406 yards, 1 Rushing TD, 10 Receptions for 58  Yards and 1 Receiving TD

Other Possibilities

David Garrard - Has had a decent season. Though he has been lights out in all 3 wins this year, its hard to give     him MVP after the dismal performances in the 2 loses. (2010 Stats: 77 of 116 for 789 yards, 9 Passing TDs, 6 INTs, and 1 Rushing TD)

Terrance Knighton - Had a quality season as well, has helped to make the defensive line a better unit. Has just  as many sacks as Kampman and been good against the run. (2010 Stats: 8 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 pass defense)

Mike Thomas - Has become our #1 receiver so far this season. Has been deadly in the slot as well as on   reverses this year. Has become Mr. Versatility for the Jaguars this season in receiving, rushing and returning. Has yet to get in the endzone though. (2010 Stats: 21 receptions for 258 yards, 5 carries for 71 yards)


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