My Garrard Argument



Alfie, my comment got long again....

I was reading the comments in this article and i commented........

Oh, some music

I think there's some frustration, but this conversation was a great read

My thoughts (if you care to read, and i wont yo-yo* anything)--I think David is an above average QB in a run-first offense. the lines were ignored and the team reached a point where they couldnt control the lines. they were forced to pass. wr's were largely inept and didnt make plays. Garrard did what he always  does and tried to be the hero. Remember when he first started back in 06 or whenever. JDR said he was "trying to do too much". Thats what any QB would do with that group of WR's. We fast forward and the interior o-line is still an issue but its not radical, so in certain situations we see Garrard doing too much. When he doesnt have to do too much. He is a great QB. However, He is not a Hall of Fame QB. He is, more particularly, not Peyton Manning.

The Manning Argument. Lets accept two things: 1)The Colts offense is more geared for the pass than the Jaguars offense. Fact. 2) Peyton Manning is rare and to assume that we also have rare is False. Fact.

Summary: Garrard is a good QB that has never truly had a great support cast. He is not Manning. He is Garrard. Manning was given good circumstances and has been able to make the most of his ability, which is greater than Garrards, but Garrard was never allowed to make the most of his ability.

The End.

Also, others that werent allowed include: David Carr, Joey Harrington, Jason Campbell, Alex Smith....

Its all about those first few years and I maintain that Alex Smith can turn it around. He is making Crabs look good right now. Which is another argument. Save that for another discussion.


*yo-yo--->in reference to the spinning of a yo-yo. Yo-Yo journalism was coined today. by your own Surteal, to represent what is known as "spin journalism". A way of angling facts to meet your own agenda. Yo-Yo is meant for fun, like the yo-yo.



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