(Brief) Thoughts from a New Yorker

Game 2 of 3 that I was going to see thihs season pitted the Jacksonville Jaguars against the rival Titans. I will not lie; I did not think the Jaguars had any shot at winning tonight. With that being said, I still thought I would be able to watch this game and not cringe as I did during the Jags-Eagles game. 

By the second quarter, I gave up on this game and decided to cut my losses and just watch "The Event." Afterward I tuned back in for some of the second half, and so I only figure that I can make brief bulletpoints about tonight's game instead of having done an Offense-Defense-Special Teams analysis.


  • I saw much better playcalling than in the Jags-Eagles game- that is until the 4th quarter when the best way to cut a 20 point deficit is through constant pounding up the middle with MJD
  • I am surprised at how the running game was a non-factor for both teams (until CJ's big run at the end of the game)- speaks tons about the teams' D-lines.
  • I am a better CB than David Jones
  • I am a better safety than those on the Jags' roster
  • The Jaguar defensive line is still not at the level they should be at pass-pressure wise, but there is no reason not to be optimistic
  • I might get berated for this one but.......I really liked what I sae for the most part out of Trent Edwards. The man can throw the ball given protection
  • Finally, it must be said, despite the fact it is non-football-related, but Cliff Lee is INCREDIBLE!!!(I spent some time tonight watching my Yankees get embarrassed by their future starting pitcher and it only increased the melancholy I experienced tonight) 

To make some overall conclusions about what tonight's football game leads me to believe about the future of this team:

  1. Next season the coaching staff needs major revamping- not to say some of them are actually bad, but it just is not working with JDR at the helm. I think some "fancy" defensive-minded college coach or coordinator should be given a shot as our HC. In addition a new OC is a must and DC probably would change so I won't classify that as a must. The only coach who I am still convinced is performing at/above what he should be is Cullen, and he better stay on in Jacksonville
  2. Trent Edwards is a more than servicable backup who might be wise to stay in Jacksonville since he won't be starting anywhere else in the near future.
  3. There was something else I had to say but I forgot what it was so I am going to leave it at that! (Update: After reading Jonathan Loesche's post I recall what I had to say and that is that I think our secondary might be a more gaping hole than QB right now for us, and would not be at all upset if come April we drafter DB and then QB since the draft is so QB deep)

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