Is losing this year that bad?

At 3-4 the Jaguars are not terrible. The losses though, have been by an average of 25 points. The last two losses have been hard to watch and many fans believe that it would be optimistic to see this team finishing with a 7-9 record. Yet, looking at the state of the franchise and honestly believing that we are in year two of a rebuilding project I ask is it better to lose this year securing a position in the draft to get "the guy" and more young talent on a team that is lacking it. Also, with the new CBA it may be less economically draining to have another top "10" pick. Also, if the pick is a QB then we are at least paying a premium position.

Is it to early to give up on a season in which the expectations were raised to make the playoffs, and "win the division".  Yes. Yet, this is more than a condolence piece to the ailing fans that are disgusted with the style of recent play. 

If the current expectation of limited to no success in future games comes to fruition then we are looking at a 5-11 to 7-9 season. I think having a better draft position maybe more beneficial to the long term success of the franchise and for keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville. 

Typically having a record under .500 is going to give you a pick in the top 10.

10th pick in the draft and correlating record - 

2007 - Houston Texans - 8-8

2008 - New Orleans - 8-8

2009 - San Fran 49ers -8-8

2010 - Jacksonville Jaguars - 7-9

With a final record in the 5-11 to 7-9 range it is probable we will get a top 10 draft pick. This may be crucial in getting "the man" here in Jacksonville. I have a feeling that the 2011 draft is the most important draft in this franchise's history and securing a higher position is crucial to get the players that Gene Smith wants. This is the year we should be putting some walls up in the metaphoric house that we are building through the draft. 

This also creates my second point; it makes us have better picks throughout the draft to secure a young nucleus of talent for an explosively good and consistent future of football in Jacksonville. Let's say that we finish 6-10 giving us the 8th pick in the draft. With that pick we take the QB of our future.

Then we have the 40th pick, the 72, and the 104th picks. So we now have 4 of the top 104 players in this years draft and with Genes ability to find talent with the later picks we could be building a winner in Jacksonville. This is the most important part. Jacksonville needs a winner.

I believe that this city is a true NFL city that loves its team. Yet, it has won 1 playoff game in the past 10 years and has not had a top 15 QB since Marky Mark Brunell or arguably David Garrard in 2007. This city has been amazing so far this year with out a blackout in the first 4 home games. The energy has also been amazing. We all will remember this season for this. 

 Wait or skip 50 seconds to see kick. But that was a badass fly over wasn't it.


don't think a fan in that stadium will forget how great that game was. I also know that if this team was a consistent winner we would not have the controversy that we have today. I like the rebuilding that has taken place, I think that the 2008 draft class was superb. If the injury's did not happen to D'anthony Smith and Scotty Mcgee we could make a better evaluation of this draft class but in all Gene has so far done a good job of creating an ascending team.

Now to the boring / objective / economics of it all. 

2010 NFL Payroll
NFL Teams Total Payroll
NFL Oakland Raiders Team Salaries $ 152,389,371
NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Salaries $ 146,401,600
NFL Minnesota Vikings Team Salaries $ 133,354,045
NFL Cleveland Browns Team Salaries $ 131,916,300
NFL New Orleans Saints Team Salaries $ 131,531,820
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Salaries $ 128,815,061
NFL Tennessee Titans Team Salaries $ 126,017,443
NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Salaries $ 122,110,110
NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Team Salaries $ 122,109,207
NFL Chicago Bears Team Salaries $ 120,065,819
NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Salaries $ 118,766,239
NFL New York Jets Team Salaries $ 116,910,097
NFL St. Louis Rams Team Salaries $ 116,677,660
NFL New York Giants Team Salaries $ 115,816,180
NFL Miami Dolphins Team Salaries $ 114,649,660
NFL Buffolo Bills Team Salaries $ 113,364,927
NFL Carolina Panthers Team Salaries $ 112,114,711
NFL Washington Redskins Team Salaries $ 111,963,684
NFL San Diego Chargers Team Salaries $ 111,813,340
NFL Cincinnati Bengals Team Salaries $ 109,727,880
NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Salaries $ 109,557,398
NFL Houston Texans Team Salaries $ 108,445,418
NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Salaries $ 104,329,311
NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Salaries $ 102,985,710
NFL Atlanta Falcons Team Salaries $ 96,391,525
NFL Detroit Lions Team Salaries $ 95,827,117
NFL Denver Broncos Team Salaries $ 95,599,778
NFL Green Bay Packers Team Salaries $ 94,018,300
NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Salaries $ 93,373,915
NFL New England Patriots Team Salaries $ 92,734,120
NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Salaries $ 90,713,965
NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Salaries $ 83,623,776

As you can see we have the 9th highest payroll of any franchise with almost 30 Mil more than perennial playoff teams such as the Colts, Patriots, and Ravens.  This is because of the amount of money in 1st round picks. Derrick Harvey is a 13 Mil dollar man this year. Aaron Kampman is making a healthy 4 million. We all would agree that those numbers should be switched if performance paid. With the new CBA likely to put a rookie salary cap of sorts it is time to get an economic option at QB. 

So I am ready to watch it unfold and enjoy the ride. I just hope that the Jaguars put a competitive product out, people put butts in seats, we calm down about firing Jack, and lose some games! 

I kid about losing, if we finish 12-4 and make the playoffs I will shave my head in excitement. I just think that we are a team that needs talent in the most premium position and more talent on every position on the roster. 

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