Defensive Line, is the key to beating the Browns.

Peyton Hills, all you got to say.  He has come in and has been carry the browns, and the defense...literally.  If our D-Line comes to play, the game should be a pretty easy victory.  If we manage to stop Peyton Hills, the head of the snake, will be cut off, and we will leave 6-4.    


Terrance Knighton is the foundation of our line.  He will disrupt the middle, and the 1 and 2 Gaps will be shut down, if he manages to get through it, Kirk Morrison will be there to dominate Hills.  

Tyson Alualu, is improving every game, but he is not yet a dominating force.   Tyson though should have a good game, and dominate sunday, due to their starting RG going to IR, and the C and LG doubling Knighton.  One on one with an ok at best player.  Alualu, should have atleast 3 tackles, 1 for loss, and most likely a sack. 

Now our problem was the RBs, going to the outside against Kampman, but now that he is hurt.  We have less pass rush, and more run stuffing.  Mincey on the end, and Lane at the end.  Hills, is a big burising back, not a speed back.  The outside, isn't Hills' best spot.  He will be more effective on the going theough gaps 1,2,3,4.  But when he does run to the outside, Lane and Mincey are there, and they are pretty big guys, good at stopping the run.  Mincey is 6,3 270 lbs.  And Lane is 6,5 274 lbs.  Mincey is experienced, and knows what hes doing.  But Lane will have a lot of trouble.  They will run at him more then Mincey, and you will see a lot of Derek Harvey subbing in, because he is the best we have at End, at stopping the run. 


Pretty clear, if our D-Line dominates the line of scrimmage, Peyton can't run it.  Don't forget about Daryl Smith, and Kirk Morrison, great at stopping the run.  And the hard-hitting safety Courttney Greene.   If Peyton can't run it, they hagve to throw.  Colt McCoy.......won't have a 300 yard game, like the rest of our opposing QBs.  If Peyton plays well, Colt will have at most 15 completions.  If Peyton plays bad, he will have at most 15 completions.  Colt sucks, He will throw probably atleast 2 picks. 



Maurice Jones-Drew, will need to have a good game, will the high possibillity of Mike Sims-Walker out, David Garrard will have trouble throwing it to Mike Thomas, and Tiquan Underwood, and Kassim Osgood, will have to step up, and play well.  Marcedes Lewis too.  Even with Sims-Walker out, we still have too many weapons for them to stop us....Mike Thomas, MJD, Marcedes Lewis, Zach Miller, Deji Karim, Rashad Jennings, Greg Jones(he can still play at his old level, when he gets the ball). 


Jags win 35-10.  Jaguars hold Browns to under 250 yards of total offense. 

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