Just how big was the win in Dallas......

Lets take a look a look at the next two weeks in our division.

Week 9

Jaguars: Bye week.  Jags get to rest a bit, heal some wounds, and study the Texans.  As we know, they sit at 4 - 4, and 1 - 1 in the division.  The beauty of the bye week is a game plan can be developed and then you can see how it would work based on the Texans San Diego game.  This works for the players and the coaches.  We have an opportunity to be very prepared and have a very refined game plan for Houston.

Colts:  Indy has to travel to Philly to play the Eagles.  The Eagles are 4 - 3 and trying to keep pace with the 5 - 2 Giants.  The current line I have seen on the game is a pick, but before the game last night, the Eagles were favored. Keep in mind that the Eagles are coming off their bye week and have had 2 weeks to get ready for Peyton and the boys.  I Think Andy Reed will have his team ready to roll, and pull out all the stops to beat the Colts.

Titans:  Bye week, same as us.  They come off the bye looking to play a Miami team that is coming of a Bengals win and getting ready to face the Ravens, which will be a hard game, and one they are not picked to win.  I am sure they will be very prepared for Miami.

Texans:  They were crushed by the Colts last night, and on a short week, they are heading home to play a San Diego team that as of right now, they are not picked to beat.  San Diego is coming off of a Titans victory, and in dire need of a win against the Texans to save their season.  This is going to be a tough game for Houston to win.

In a nuts shell, I see the AFC South looking like this at the end of Week 9

Titans 5 - 3, Colts 5 - 3, Texans 4 - 4, Jags 4 - 4, that's just one game back for the Jags folks.

Week 10

Jags:  With 2 weeks to prepare and heal up, DG's new found enthusiasm for the game, plus the fact that the fans will be hungry after not seeing their team for a month, I see the Jags getting a big win at home against the Texans.  The win will get us to 5 - 4, and 2 - 1 in the division.  This game is a turning point of the season for the Jags, and they are going to go get it.

Colts:  Coming off what I feel will be a loss to the rested and prepared Eagles, the Colts head to the Bengals for what will most likely be a win for them.  The Bengals do have some weapons, but have struggled to put it all together this year.  Unfortunately, for the Jags, this should not be a hard one for Indy, but crazier things have happened.

Titans:  Coming off their bye week, the Titans will be ready to get after Miami.  If Miami can find a way around the Ravens, it may be a tough one for Tennessee, but most likely, even with it being played in Miami, it will be a win for Jeff Fisher and his team.

Texans:  If San Diego is the real deal, this will have been a bad run for the Texans having lost three in a row.  They are a good team, but the wheels seem to be coming off a bit, we will be catching them at a perfect time.

Titans 6 - 3, Colts 6 - 3, Jags 5 - 4, Texans 4 -5

Without a bunch of detail, Week 11 has the Cleveland coming to Jacksonville (a game we can and should win, though I felt the same last year), Indy going to the Patriots (a tough game that I do not think they can win), Washington going to Tennessee (probably a win for the Titans, but not a gimme), and Houston goes to the Meadowlands to face the Jets (this is a tough game for Houston, and I can easily see the NY winning).  If my thoughts hold true, the standings would be Titans 7 - 3, Colts 7 - 3, Jags 6 - 4, and Texans 4 - 6.  Again, we would still be in the hunt for the division, having to face each team again, and certainly still in the wild card hunt.  If the win in Dallas does not happen, victory over the Texans, as well as Cleveland seem less likely, and a record of 3 - 7 seems very probable.  3 - 7 equals season over, much like Houston's 4 - 6 does!

Assuming a 10 win season should get you in the playoffs, winning 4 of the last 6 games does not seem that out of the question, though not easy.  I look at the Raiders and Redskins games at home as good opportunities for a win, and look to get revenge against the Titans and continue our domination of the Texans from last year to get the 4 wins.  I would not say it is impossible to get the Giants at home, but it will not be easy, and the same goes for a shut out of the Colts.  It is going to be a tough road, but not am impossible mission, and I believe the Jags are poised to do it.

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