with all due respect

Why do we always play the _________ (fill in former good player here) got waived/cut, would he be a good fit here?

Everytime a player of notoriety is cut/waived/ announced as being on the trade block, we stumble all over ourselves hypothesizing whether he would come here.  This time of year, there's typically a good reason that said former great is on the street. 

Let's take a look at the two from this week:

 Shawne Merriman - Has not been the same since the positive drug test.  My most vivid memory of "Lights Out" was him getting Lit Up by MoJo.  When he's been on the field, he has largely been a non-factor.  In the last 3 years, he has played 18 games, had 4 sacks and a whopping 32 tackles.  Basically Lights Out hasn't paid the power bill since 2007.  And some people want that?  Why would we want obviously damaged goods when we have a cohesive group of linebackers. 

Randy Moss - on paper this sounds like a no brainer to go after him and put in a claim.  But you need to peel the onion on him.  There's a common denominator in his career and the fact that he has moved around quite a bit.  How many Super Bowls did New England win with him?  Dude is toxic.  When things are good, he can play the good soldier bit to a tee, but Belichick must have seen something to get rid of him.  Perhaps he saw a willing trade partner who he could fleece, but perhaps he saw a guy who was quickly becoming a distraction in the locker room and had the potential to create a chasm within the team.  We don't know because New England is famous for closing in ranks. 

Now, suppose Jacksonville did get him.  It may have a quick impact on ticket sales but when things go south, especially with Garrard's both ends of the spectrum performance this year, he will do his typically petulant child act of alligator arming and taking plays off and going off on the coach, quarterback and everyone in sight.  He will stunt the development of our receiving corps.  Saw it Sunday and saw it in the MNF game against the Dolphins.  A player like that cannot coexist when there is such a tenuous hold on the jobs of the current head coach and starting quarterback.  There is no offensive leader or head coach on this team who can keep him in line as Brady did in New England and Carter during his first run in Minnesota.  Again, notice the last 3 weeks in Minnesota.  There is no leader on that team.  It sure as hell is not #4.  Childress did what he felt he had to do for self preservation. 


Anyhow, I've rambled long enough.  Point is, this is not a Madden game.  There are real business decisions with real money that are being made, it's not some guys discussing the what ifs and why nots over wings and beer at Fast Boys.  What happened in Minnesota the last 2 years could have easily happened here.  In fact it kind of did in 2008.  We are still reeling from the litany of poor decisions from the draft to the free agent signings that did not pan out.  Minnesota is screwed for at least 3 years.  I don't see Aaron Rodgers or Steve McNair in T Jack.  Couple the poor personnel decisions with the stadium issue hanging in the balance and if this were happening in Jacksonville, I don't want to know how we'd fare. 

Bottom line 2 guys trash will likely not be our treasure.  Someone will take a shot at him and possibly Merriman, I just hope it is not us.  We are NOT 1 receiver or injury prone linebacker away.  I think Gene prefers guys who can help us, not just guys who will take up salary, parking spaces, and get us in the headlines for the wrong reasons.  Those guys are team wreckers.  Buyer beware.

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