Great win by Jaguars, but some of you are just idiots....

I knew it wouldn't be long before the wolves came back looking for Garrard, but this is just insane. I mean did some of you guys commenting even watch the game or did you just look at the stat sheet and start making your assumptions that the "bad" David returned?

 Yes, David Garrard had 3 ints, and 1 fumble lost. Out of the 3 ints, only 1 of them was his fault, and I say it was his fault because maaaaybe he tried to sqeeuze that pass in a window that wasn't there. I also feel like Mercedes waited for the ball to reach him, instead of going out and snatching it, therefore allowing the defender to jump on it. The other 2 were just dropped passes (6 or 7 total in the game) that should have been caught for nice gains. And yes he fumbled on a QB draw play on 3rd and 5 that made me want to smash my bong (because of play call), but it was more of where the defender hit the ball with his helmet then it was Garrards fault, I dont how many players could've prevented that. All in all I feel like David played a very solid game, I feel like he delivered the ball very accurately, even in traffic, and made a couple of key plays with his legs to extend drives which I love about him. Also, even after all of the turnovers, he showed the heart of a champion and rallied his team back for a game-winning drive with less then 3 minutes left. Did he play perfect? No, but I didnt see anything from him that would warrant all the idiots on here calling for a new QB, or for him to start looking around for retirement homes. I mean wasn't Big Cat Country just riding his jock for the last 2 weeks? Should we draft a QB next year? Yes if someone we like falls to us in the 3rd or 4th round, great. 1st or 2nd round? ABSOLUTELY NOT. (RD 1- CB, RD 2- Safety) After all that he has had to deal with Jaguar fans, I feel like this is a little too early for the "anti-David" calvary to come running in, thats all. Especially when he is leading his team right into the thick of a playoff race. Jags could lead division in next 30 mins ;)

Now my other thoughts on today's game:

- Wow did we miss MSW, Tiquan got his chance, I do not like what I see from him AT ALL. Depending how things pan out with Dillard, I would like to draft any big-time reciever next year, maybe 5th round.

- Derrick Harvery who???? It looks like we have found our left end, and his name is Jeremy Mincey. I still like Harvey to rotate in on running downs. When AK74 returns next year, it looks like our D-line will be stout with our rookies Lane and Hart continuing to grow and improve.

- I wonder if Mel Kiper and the other draft "experts" still feel like Alualu was a "reach" lmaooo. IN GENE I TRUST.

- I have been the driver of the "fire Del Rio" bandwagon this year, but I feel like a couple more nice wins and him and his coordinators get another year to prove themselves.

- I like the play call today, even on the MoJo fake toss pass, I like the switch up from routine. Obviously, the result was not ideal, but I still like the call, the defender just did his job and made a great play.

- I felt like the refs missed several calls for us today, including the pass to Miller. That was clearly pass-interference, not to mention a personal foul " blow to the head" on Garrard, that couldve changed the momentum at the time.

- Del Rio continues to stay true to himself with 2 "Gamblin Jack" 4th down plays, which I agreed with on both.

-  The secondary played pretty well, other then a couple bone headed plays late.

-  Between Lewis and Miller, I think we have one of the better TE duos in the league.

- It's amazing what a pass rush will do for a "questionable" secondary. Hmmmmm.



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